Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Does 411 + 311 = 722 mean destruction on 722?

It is being reported the Jews got their Temple Mount back on the date
of 71717

This site is not about any bragging or self-aggrandizing;
this man gives glory to the Most High God of His father David
Numbers DO mean something to God, they may all not work out as we think
but as I said...give God a chance to let some of these things play out in His time

He will prove True!


While there is no doubt in my mind God in fact DID do something on this
amazing 411 date and final Passover remembrance of His Son's death
I may have asked the wrong question
Perhaps the question that should've been asked is:
Does 411 + 311 = 722
mean destruction on 722?

6/6/16 the occultation of
Venus behind the sun is
411 days from 722

611 + 111 = 722
511 + 211 = 722
311 + 411 = 722

All numbers God showed have a sum of

Also, every number from 111 - 911 has destruction associated with it
it is all documented in many earlier posts,
this blog has been speaking about 722 since the start
With 72217 on the horizon in 2 days
I will give one final piece of warning to those who would heed it:
With what God has shown me, with the planetary alignments,
with the 7.7 earthquake on 71717 and even the trillion ton iceberg of 71117;
now the Jews back in their Temple Mount...
everything God has shown me will prove to this a day to remember
Jesus is coming back, a Jubilee is 50 years and the tribulation
WILL begin prior to October 3, 2017 because the Bible is clear
The world will look very different in the next couple months
He does not prophecy of an event, beginning with the planets' motion He set,
He does not give His prophets these prophecies 2000+ years ago,
He won't mark in in the pyramids of Giza with the 26.3 degree angle
He didn't do all this to have it pass silently
nor the days preceding it
The next Feast is The Feast of Trumpets
on 922
722 is our 2 month warning

Friday, July 22, 1994 (last part of Shoemaker-Levy hitting Jupiter)
To, but not including Saturday, February 11, 2017
1177 weeks and 1 day

1711 weeks from Chernobyl 
This could go on
the prudent will watch 722
722 is a big part of my life as the first post showed
one of a handful of numbers that God uses in everyday life
like the other ones He outlined my life in: 611, 111...
722 is also an indirect 611
as the 722nd day of the year is 12/22
611 * 2 = 1222
611/5 = 122.2
Again, remember Regulus
602 has been seen as 6+1+1=611
and it goes out of view on 722
regulus in Jewish Gematria Equals: 602 (r









211 may = the Penumbral and its wonders 

God shows us how important these 'minor' eclipses are
He has graciously given me eyes to see
how it is interwoven into my own personal life
It is astonishing
March 20 2015 eclipse -- 21117 the final
penumbral eclipse before Revelation 12
is exactly 99 weeks and 1 day
spoken of multiple posts
The 4/4/15 first blood moon total lunar eclipse
was 99 weeks and 1 day
from the annual solar eclipse on 226/17
My children, born exactly 99 weeks and 1 day apart
This final penumbral is also linked to my daughter 2/17
September 16-17 will be a day to remember

From and including: Saturday, 2/11, 2017
To, but not including Saturday, 9/16, 2017
Result: 217 days

From and including: Saturday, 2/11, 2017
To, but not including Saturday, 7/22, 2017
Result: 161 days
Or 5 months, 11 days excluding the end date

23 weeks



  1. Hi, my name is Ann Marie sterling! All the numbers you have put up. I have been getting them myself every day! The Angels speak to me by numbers every day! And you have some of them in your numbers! And they have meaning! Like what's going on right now on earth 🌏 and what to come for the rest of the year!!! And it's it going to be good at all!!!! We must get ready has humanity now!! We haven't been good enough to one another on earth 🌏 and we killed earth and everything on what was supposed to be a wonderful land to live on-in I'm a Lightworker and a healer! I was fully call to that come 2017!!! It's been on amazing ride up to now. God is here and the Angels has well!! I pray for the world 🌎 and I'm sending Love Light healing energy always and peacefulness.

  2. Nice to see you are also seeing some of this stuff too. We miss more than we will ever see and we are the ones looking...imagine how much those who don't look miss.

    I appreciate the prayers. We are in a sinful world but are the cause of this fall...we can't ever be good enough; this is why Jesus had to come and die for us.

    God bless,