Sunday, July 9, 2017

Comet Shoemaker Levy - and Regulus' Importance

Daniel 12:11

comet shoemaker levy English Gematria: 1290 (c






















Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9 (formally designated D/1993 F2) was a comet that broke
apart in July 1992 and collided with Jupiter in July 1994

Genesis 3:15

 Look at Strong's for the word 'Heel'
Many, myself included, believe this was
an actual celestial fulfillment of this prophecy, Jupiter, the king planet
being bruised on the heal
This even happened from
716/94 - 722/94
23 years later is exactly
2, 4200(1) day cycles and will mark
716/717 through 722/17
This time cannot be understated as to its importance
God showed me the 4200 day cycle months ago
it was exact with the Stock Market Crash of 89
to 23 years later to the exact day,
the Stock Market went above 12,000 for the 1st time
Columbine happened, 4/20/99, 11:19AM
the exact middle  of this Stock Market Crash - High,
exactly 4200 days and 4201 days
71717 is 4200 + 4201 days from 91794
when the Comet hit Jupiter,
23 years to the day
722 is the day Regulus goes behind the sun
It will once again, reappear on 922
1 day before the Woman Clothed In the Sun

Those who mock this blog are about to look very silly and ignorant:
Want to guess how many days separate 72217 and Regulus' going behind the sun
and Venus' day it hid itself behind the sun?

444 days between 3/20/15 eclipse
and Venus' 6/6/16 moment behind the sun
Regulus is the heart of the Lion
and Its importance cannot be overlooked
God is not dead people
71117 to 72217 and beyond will prove
this is true, this was given to me by God
I couldn't make this up if I tried

My son will be exactly 11 years, 6 months and 11 days on 722
he was born on 11106
I will be exactly 49 years, 9 months and 19 days old July 22
as will the 119th Jubilee


  1. Michael- This is not meant to be published, but is a correction to your latest blog. When I read that Regulus goes behind the sun on 7/22 and reappears on 9/22...I knew that wasn't even close to being correct. Regulus goes behind the sun early in the morning on 8/22 and reappears around noon on the next day if 8/23. I have studied Stellarium probably as much as most.

  2. The following is taken from

    Regulus throughout the year. Regulus rises about an hour after sunset in early February. It is opposite the sun on or near February 18, and Regulus rises on that date at about sunset and is up all night long, reaching its highest point due south at local midnight. By early April, Regulus is well up in the southeast an hour after sunset. By early June, it’s high in the southwest an hour after sunset. And by early July, Regulus is low to the west an hour after sunset. Although best seen in the evening in northern hemisphere in late winter and into summer, Regulus can be found at some time of night throughout the year except for about a month on either side of August 22, when the sun is located in Regulus’ direction in space.

    "A month either side of August 22", would be 722-922

  3. I like precise. It is indeed behind the sun on 8/22...but of course the sun blinds us from watching its exact time Regulus gets occulted...but it goes behind the sun and crosses to the other side and reappears the next day. The Stellarium program lets us see this. When Venus was occulted by the sun on 6/6/2016...the Stellarium program showed me what an amazing celestial event that was. It was as dead center behind the sun as ever will be...and it crossed right at 4pm UT..or .666 into the day. That had God's fingerprints all over it ...just like this amazing Rev 12 sign coming. Programs like Stellarium "unseal" events like this that otherwise are happening with the sun blinding out these events. God is truly giving us warning signs of events coming. I have no doubt. It will be amazing to have God show us the exact interpretation when events actually happen.

  4. Michael- I followed that Shoemaker Levy 9 story back when it happened. You probably already know this interesting tie it to the story. Carl Shoemaker was a geologist who was to go to the moon and use his geological knowledge gathering moon rocks. Circumstances prevented him from achieving his dream of being on the moon. He went on to be an astronomer and codiscovered this comet with David Levy. Several years later Carl Shoemaker was killed in a head on car collusion in Australia. He was cremated, and some high people in NASA offered to put his ashes aboard the Lunar Prospector spacecraft. This spacecraft orbited the moon, then as planned, deorbited and made a direct impact into the moons surface with Carl's ashes. He got his wish for being on the moon.

    The Shoemaker/Levy 9 comet impacting Jupiter was a huge event. It was the first time man had seen another celestial body get impacted by another body.

    It just so happened that the Hubble space telescope had just had its blurry optics repaired by a space shuttle mission. This upcoming comets impact was the Hubble space telescope first viewing mission with its fresh new optics. And what a grand view we were blessed with. Divine connections all over this.

  5. Actually, I didn't know the extent of it. I had heard bits and pieces but this adds to it.

    The Celestial Planetary impact was exactly 23 years ago 71694. 71717 - 72217 will be the exact days it hit Jupiter