Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23rd, 3 Months and Counting...

6/24 update

923 was revealed and prophesied by John in Revelation 2000 years ago,
signaled by the Egyptians 4000 years ago
but the planetary bodies were set in motion before time
As far as prophecy goes, it gets no bigger than this
but many Christians believe this day will just silently pass

When I was young, I had the privilege of having a father as my Pastor
When he spoke of Revelation 12 and the Sign in the heavens
followed by the Dragon, no one believed this day would
come and go with nothing more than a 'mere planetary alignment'
No one thought this day would be just another day,
but yet somehow now we do?

This day is less than 3 months away and I can assure the reader
what John the Prophet saw will in fact, NOT come and go silently


nor is it coming unannounced
3 days prior to 9/23 are the Christ Angles

3 days prior to this will be 9/17

6 years, 6 months and 6 days separate
31111 Fukushima and 91717

The lights will go out on 917

Christ arose from the dead on the 17th day
The Ark rested on the 17th day
71717 may very well prove to be significant and
September 17, 2017, will again show 17 to be Divine

The firstborn from the firstborn of the 3rd generation was born on the 17th
The revelation and vision God gave me
that began on the 17th,
continued on the 18th
it was day 49 and day 50 since the dream
in this vision God showed more destruction
This time He was very specific

The key to this whole thing is the Jubilee
and the number 50

The first day of 5778 is 922,
the 119th Jubilee will come to an end, 11 days later on October 3rd
927 = 1st day, week 611 -my son- born 11106
917 + 5 = 922 + 5 = 927
Daniel 9:27
"And he shall confirm a covenant with the many..."

my son's week 611 is exactly 1158 days (my Gematria)
from 727/14 'Gates of Hades'

3/20/15 solar eclipse to 92717 is 922 days
and 917 days from 922

922 is day 49 years, 11 month and 19 days from the 119th Jubilee
and 922 = day #18,252

My dreams on 4/26 and 4/29 were during the 49 Days of Omar
and their interpretations given 49 and 50 days after
this post, in February forecasted the dates of these dreams
The dream on 429 the only one showing destruction
is 141 days from 917
or 4months and 19 days
-4/19 began the 3 generations
What does this prophecy have that no other prophecies had?
It gets easier to forecast the outcome of a game the later in the game it is
when the Bible says a Jubilee, it means a Jubilee...
50 years, not 51
The end [Tribulation] will commence prior to October 3

911 days after the 3/20/15 solar eclipse
brings you 1 day before 9/17
611 days after this eclipse was 11/20
the day the Celestial Conception took place
in the womb of Virgo

I am not really being prophetic here,
all I am doing is reading the Bible and adding
50 = 50

The dreams God gave, their interpretations,
the visions, the jail-stay, Passover/411, the entirety of this blog;
everything has been pointing us to the 11 day period between
September 22 and October 3, my Jubilee
The key is The Jubilee

September 23 will not be just another day


September 16th is also a date the prudent will watch not just because it is
911 days after the most important solar eclipse in our times
it is day 18, 246 of the 119th

Day 611 is Sept 3, day 246
and the Julian Calendar will show 9/16 as day 246 or 9/3

246 has played a role throughout this journey
and looks to be making yet another statement

The first of these two prophetic dreams was on 4/26
this number was referenced twice prior to this date
once on 422 just 4 days before this dream

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