Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dams, Dreams and 917

God has laid in on my heart to share some of what He is and has been doing
This is done ultimately, to give honor and glory due His Name
Acts 2:17 said this would happen, GOD said it would happen
and I am one who is saying it is happening, praise God!
2/5/17 God forecasted the two dream dates in this post, along with the #3
11 weeks 3 days, 11 weeks 6 days respectively prior to God giving me these dreams
The fact this was forecast, the fact this happened during
the 49 Days of Omar, the fact these dreams were interpreted 49 and 50 days
from the last dream;
my 50 day jail-stay, complements of the real-life Chief Wiggum,
Chief Lamendola, Questa, NM all point to the Jubilee
Though the judge ordered me release on day 48, it was not until day 50,
49 of these with my arm not attached to my body, when released
again mirroring the 49 Days of Omar and the Jubilee
This dream that happened exactly 411 days from my Jubilee on October 3
It is not just me claiming God is speaking to me through dreams
this intricate design is laid out in front of you
yet some are still too ignorant to see
I pray Christians pray for wisdom and eyes to see
This is too incredible to dismiss as conspiracy or happenstance
If one never entertains a conspiracy theory, not even a moment,
he must then believe he has absolute insight in all manners and nothing exists
that he himself is not aware and everything you know as truth is, in fact, truth
My dreams' numeric footprint may strongly point to these eclipses
-certainly this time through my Jubilee, October 3 is one to watch
818 dream, 333 days before 71717 pointing yet again to this date
821 is 33 days before Revelation 12, September 23, 2017
818 is 3 days removed from 821

821 has a Julian Calendar match at 8/8
818 + 355 days = 8/8
82117 + 355 days = 81118
this partial eclipse addressed here
82117 + 2422 days is 4/8/24, the next full American eclipse,
the second in less than 7 years and it was 1776 that saw the last Coast to Coast
eclipse on American soil
The Hoover Dam was dedicated on 9/3/35
day #611/246
9/335 to 9/17/17 = 81y, 11m 18days or 81118,

It is also interesting to note,
91617 has a Julian of 9/317
From the beginning, I made it known my desire to show His power and beauty
all the Jubilee/50s, the 8's from 818 to 81118, to 8/8 and 88 days
all the 3' is all His intricate wonder, His power!
Acts 4:12
...for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”
Pray the Body of Christ wakes up
Acts 2:17 is going on around them in real-time and they have no clue
The Bible clearly states we are not to covet however, if this was happening and it
was not happening to me, my Spirit would LONG for this with
a longing I can only explain because of the wonderful grace He has given me
to see such wonder and such care taken from the Creator when He outlined our days

The Vatican Became a Nation on
2/11 1929
30,711 days later Pope Francis was unveiled

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