Saturday, June 17, 2017

9/17 An EMP and My Divine Journey

1 day before 616 my [would be] 17th, I referenced a "Divine journey",
little did I know God would actually make this come alive 1 day after
After my last post, I went and walked my dog
My IPod was playing Journey and
Journey turned into My Divine Journey
God gave me another revelation and I will share it in part:
When God gave me the initial part,
I was actually speaking the words of this vision as if I was
talking to the dog walking with me
Then it continued; this part I can share:
I was listening to Journey's Greatest Hits on my IPod, I was
literally singing "When The Lights Go Out In The City"
Immediately, I had a physical feeling that I cannot explain,
God showed me the meaning of both dreams of mine in the span of a minute
The dreams were on 4/26 and 4/29, separated by 3 days
God has shown many posts that had 3 days included,

The importance of 3 days before and after 7/14 and 9/20 and 4/14
cannot be understated

I spoke of this earlier:
"This Divine journey all began 818/16,
818 is exactly 411 days before my 50th, Jubilee Birthday
818 is 3 days removed from 821 and 333 days from 71717"
The time was 233 and this did not add up as God had been showing me 333
I believe this meant the Central Time Zone
Whether the lights will go out beginning in the Central Time Zone and spread,
or just affect the Central Time Zone,
I believe with all sincerity,
the lights will in fact go out
and this will happen
on or before 917

In all reality, did anyone really believe
God was going to put on a Master Show
in the heavens and have all these
light polluting lights of our cities distracting
from The Revelation 12 Sign?

--A reader did send me a good comment regarding the place where Rev. 12 
and that this Sign will only be visible at dawn and dusk and
will only be seen in Israel and they are correct
This may however, be a clever way The Almighty makes one more statement
 knocking out the lights prior to the show
This is a 3 day event too, maybe to highlight these 3 days
If we look at all the 3 days before and 3 days after
it just points that much more in this direction
With this said, it is still my position, this was undoubtedly a vision from Christ
all my humility, honor and Awe are directly and forever His

616 was my anniversary,
today is 6/17, 6 days past 611
Today is 116 days from my 1st revelation
With what God showed me, I sincerely believe the lights will go out
on or before 9/17 and I draw this conclusion
from the fact God showed me on 6/17, 3 months before 9/17
1 day after my 17th
My post about 3/17 is now more of a reality as 3 months
from 6/17 is in fact 9/17, 3 days before the Christ Angles begin
There was also one more amazing thing I will not go into publically,
tying 17 and 3 together
The vision continued God promised me
something and again showed me the future,
this time, my future
While listening to the next song,
I looked down and the song had 311 left and proceeded with these words
"He's loving, touchin', squeezin' another,
loving, touching, squeezing another,
It's tearing you a part, every, every day,
it's tearing you a part
It's your turn now to cry"
Once again, I opine
this is no threat, this was 'just a day dream'
As Gibson and I continued our walk, God continued the vision with
"Wheel In The Sky"
and while some may baulk at an alien appearance and an actual Wheel in the Sky,
I will tell you this fits in perfectly with my dreams but I can reveal no more
God's humor and wondered continued with the next two songs
"The Party's Over"
and "Don't Stop Believin' "
 How can I be so dogmatic?

There is no other way to explain the dreams, there is no other way

to explain the numbers, there is no other way to explain God showing me the
interpretations of my dreams, there is no way to explain any of it
outside of The Hand of Almighty God

Until today, God had not been specific
Today He was very specific!

This post speaks of 3 days before and 3 days after

We know what happens 3 days after the 20th of September, the Sign of Rev. 12

now, I believe we also know what happens 3 days before

It is also very difficult to look at the above meme and not see the 3,333 days
from the beginning of the blood moons until 111124
We just saw the number 111114, no we see 111124

I am not saying this is when the Tribulation will begin but
I am not saying it won't commence either

33 days before 9/23 is 8/21

Am I a prophet?
There were sure a lot of threes

We will sure see!

My birthday shows 10/3's

I will be prophetic on this one thing for certain,
my blog will not be around on or after 9/17/17

The Divine Journey that began on 818,
411 days from my 50th Jubilee birthday,
turned into Journey 255 days later

The last dream was 4/29
considering the date of the dream with the calculation
one comes up with 50 days from the dream
was the interpretation given

If one believes God does not have a sense of humor...please read this again
The above shows 33 days before Revelation 12 Sign
the eclipse that looks to bring judgment upon America


  1. Michael- The drum beating for an EMP attack has never been so loud as being imminent. I know that is how our country will be brought down. Russia has been working on a very specific type of weapon that maximizes the pulse that will fry our grid. North Korea can do it now.

    I have been steadfast in my preparations for such an event. I do not know when, but just know we are in a very heightened time for it to happen, and then there is the Rev 12 sign in the heavens this September. By the way, if the lights go out, the sign is in broad daylight. Only just before sunrise and just after sunset will we see any of the stars or planets. If it is dark out, and the lights go out, the Rev 12 sign is way below the horizon.

  2. Glad you're still around, my prayer is the Body will come together and realize the things that are not Cardinal; we can agree to disagree. Once in heaven, we will know complete truth, until then we are still all finite...even those who claim to hear His voice.

    Wisdom is what I have been praying for and the dreams I've been thinking about and attempting to get Christian input as to their interpretations...God gave me a great Brother who said, He will reveal their meanings when He wishes.

    To God be the glory,

  3. Michael- I need you to read my first comment here. You updated your blog saying that my comment said the Rev 12 sign can only be seen in Israel. I did not say that. This Rev 12 sign is in broad daylight for the whole planet. Only before sunrise or after sunset will just parts of it will be the sun set and rises all around the planet.

    If all the lights went out all around the earth, it wont effect our seeing the Rev 12 sign. This sign is hidden in the brightness of the sun...and light pollution from city lights will have nothing to do with seeing this wonder. Everyone on earth will be able to see the crown of 12 stars rise just ahead of the sun...but it will be in the predawn glow. The the sun rises and all we will see is the sun until after it sets..then all we will see shortly after sunset is the moon at her feet. I am just trying to have this stated factually. It's an amazing sign in the heavens and only because of today's technology are we aware its coming upon us. Of course it has divine ramifications, of which are many different predictions by man. I know it is at the least a warning sign, but I wont commit to stating what and when cause to be honest I and most do not know.

  4. You are right,

    The sun will occlude the vision in the day, I didn't get that across.

    I am referring to Israel and the Christ Angles when I say this is only seen by them.

    Sir, no one is asking you to commit to anything, I am stating this because most God had me share this. Those 'most who do not know' are probably not receiving visions from this Creator, I am just passing along mine, at His dictate.