Saturday, June 17, 2017

717, Fukushima and the Anti-Christ

Most of humanity is aware of the 31111 Fukushima event
Was this a birthing rite?

Please keep in mind the 4200 day cycle
God showed months ago

911 was 4201 days from Pope Francis
and now we can tied it to Fukushima
in a greater way as 31111 already had the
2 year 2 day connection to the Pope and obvious move of Satan
as did 911 and the 18 year mark prior to
the birth of Jupiter, the king planet
on 9/9/99, 2 years and 2 days from 91101

These patterns do not make themselves up-- Christians!

What is most interesting however,
is the amount of lives this tragedy took 
March 11, 201105:46Near the east coast of Honshu, Japan
2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami
38.297142.37218,184 dead
2,668 missing
9.0Mw (USGS) Centred 129 km east of Sendai, Honshu, Japan, at a depth of 30 km.
06:1536.281141.1117.9Mw (USGS) Centred 57 km east of Mito, Honshu, Japan, at a depth of 42 km.
06:2538.106144.5537.1Mw (USGS) Centred 322 km east of Sendai, Honshu, Japan, at a depth of 19.7 km.
Day 18,184 of the 119th Jubilee
brings you exactly 1 day prior to 71717
the date many believe the Anti-Christ may surface
4 months 11 days before 31111
would be 10/25/10

October 25, 201014:42Kepulauan Mentawai region, Indonesia
see 2010 Mentawai earthquake and tsunami
-3.484100.114408 dead
303 missing
7.7Mw (USGS) Centred 240 km west of Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia, at a depth of 20.6 km.

If one does the math above
they will find 711 dead and missing from the 7.7 quake
It is not difficult to see 71717 in the numbers above
10/25/10 (1251) + 2525 days = 923
Jacob's Trouble is 2520
this leaves only 5 days unaccounted for
2.5 + 2520 + 2.5 = 2525
                                                                2525. kathistémi
I set down, bring down to a place; I set in order, appoint, make, constitute
used 22 times
                                                                   2525. cham
Short Definition: hot
used 2 times
The numbers, 222/252 were addressed in depth and mean destruction/war
I sincerely hope Christians see the utter Awe above
The above fits perfectly with the 188 day earthquake cycle
5/13 - 188 days = 11616

5/13 + 188 days = 111717
5/13 + 133 days = 923
188 * 13 = 2444
3/11/11 + 2443 days = 111717

While 13 is a number of promise, it is also a number of rebellion
What makes this so important?
If one goes from 923 to 111717, the next 188th day hit,
they will find 55 days
If you take 55 days from 9/23 you will come to 7/30
or exactly 13 days after 71717
31111 + 55 days = 5/511
--you really cannot make this up
This post also has 77 (7.7) and 55; 55 and 5 months, 5 days have been seen throughout
again, "We see in part and know in part" but once He gives the eyes to see,
He will be faithful to show meaning, in His timing
Do You know this Jesus, are you ready to meet Him?
Romans 10:13
With 2525 in mind we have seen the number 252,
525 is also amazing
It tells of the time when The Master Craftsman
will take a stand and release, or free those in bondage 
                                                                     525. amon
amon: an artificer, architect, master workman
used only once in Proverbs 8:30 referring to God 

5975. amad
amad: to take one's stand, stand

525. apallassó
I free (a person) from (anything),
I am released from, am rid of (a person or thing), depart

Let God be True and every man a liar

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