Thursday, June 15, 2017

411 Points Directly To The Jubilee

This Divine journey all began 818/16,
818 is exactly 411 days before my 50th, Jubilee Birthday
818 is 3 days removed from 821 and 333 days from 71717

The Jubilee was the day all debts were forgiven,
you had your land returned to you,
your sons and daughters returned to you,
411 was the last time we will see Passover in the 119th Jubilee
Likewise, this marks 411 days prior to the 50th Jubilee Year

Genesis 1:1 has a numeric of 411

The beginning AND the end may have been outlined in 411

411 was Passover, the reason for the Jubilee
411 days pointed directly to my Jubilee via 818
My 50 day jail stay compliments of a dirty cop pointed again,
directly to the Jubilee

Things are now becoming much clearer

There were many preachers teaching the Jubilee Year began in 2015
but, I know when I turn 50 and my birth was on the dawn of the 119th Jubilee
and this will not happen until Oct of this year

God has shown us this easily recognizable pattern,
111, 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, 811 and 911
There may be only a handful of posts that didn't have these numbers
These number are extremely active in today's world and more often
than not, they play a specific role in my life

There are 13 examples from 9 numbers that tell a story of a
Divine Being loving you so much, every second of life was spoken before time

111 is my conception 
111 is my son's birth
311 my ex's conception
411 + 818 = 50th
God outlined my life in 611
818 - 111 = 1 year before 4/29 dream 
818 + 211 = 317
818 - 211 = 1 year before President Trump
and 4 years before my 1/20 notice of divorce
818 + 311 is 1 day removed from 626
818 + 411 = my 50th birthday
818 + 511 = my son's 12th birthday
821 + 611 = 421
spoken of in last post
By far the coolest one I saw
818 + 911 = 219
818 - 911 = 215
two days on each side of my daughter's 217 birthday

Posts ago I posed the question, 'were there really people dumb enough to
mock Noah even after the rain began'

The answer is obvious, these people who are attempting to subjugate
my children and I and keep us apart will remember this warning
on the day they stand before Almighty God
You don't 'win' this thing; Benji, Nikki and I have already won it
God marked the victory of His Sons and daughter in the numeric code of the universe

Those perpetrating this evil are just too ignorant to understand this

Romans 2:5
5 But because of your hard and unrepentant heart,
you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of wrath,
when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed.

One would be foolish to believe I would be so bold
while lying about communicating with The Creator

No, what I blog is Divine, this is just a small glimpse of His glory
I give Him all the glory and hope those who love Him will do likewise
He has given me dreams, He has given me visions
He has shown me numeric patterns far beyond the
realm of conspiracy, save those of simple minds

This is His Spirit being poured out on all flesh
And I will be so bold to proclaim it from the rooftops without apology

The dates were ascribed by The Almighty

William over at his end time blog posted the timing of this eclipse,
333 days after my dream and it is again, most interesting in my life

August 21, 2017: The day that the solar eclipse crosses America. Totality will be at Paducah, KY starting at 1:22 PM and lasting 2:21

122 is again, the ex-wife's birth and a number of destruction
221 the day of my 1st revelation from God

821 is 88 on the Julian Calendar

2033. hepta
hepta: seven

4137. pléroó
pléroó: to make full, to complete

621 and 821

Libra has a Gematria of 112 and was shown earlier,
this will be from 922 to 1022 17 days past my birthday, destructive 122 again

Patrick Perque posted a comment on the blog above
the biggest point drop in the DOW's history happened on 8/24/15
666 days from 6/21
--I get this as an inclusive date

355 days after 8/21--on 81118 there is a partial eclipse,
notice the time it ends, 3115
We just spoke of 7225
7225 - 3115 = 4110

11/8 — Total Lunar Eclipse
presents in 2022

Remember, a Jubilee is 50 years, not 51;
my 50th is in October

4 "Let God be true and every man a liar."

Those who mocked this blog and its 411 date/number coming and going without
WW3 type fanfare should now see the importance of 411 
and how it fits into God's miraculous plan
I Cor. 13:9
"We see in part and know in part"

The above means, we know only a part of what happened on 411
read your Bible!

I post what He directs me to post and pray He is glorified
I am confident God will, in fact show me, or has shown me the date of destruction
Why am I confident of this?

Amos 3:7
7Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals
His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.

Am I claiming to be the latter?
No, however the numbers may.
I do however, proudly proclaim the former

While I say this with humility, I also do it BOLDLY without apology
If God shows me a number, or a date, and directs me to publically opine,
I will not come back and defend my God or His actions
because it did not fit with what you had envisioned

If there are still those who doubt my resolve to proclaim this AS DIVINE
those would be wise to consider, prior to their next word



  1. Michael- I read all of your posts. Something tells me you are directing this "mockery" at me because I am such a show me hard sell type....and just because I dont shout off the rooftops after reading your posts. If I am reading your mockery opinion wrong, then I apologize. I do not mock God ever, but I let the numbers speak if they are divine or not. It is real simple to do. Translation of number meanings often fit past events and that shows me that many times they are beyond coincidence. Number translations of future events have a much lower batting average....not mocking God by saying they are not divine, but honestly stating mans ineptness forecasting events. But...many of the numbers are beyond coincidence.

    Of course one has to be aware of demonic forces driving numbers. That's why so many magicians dwell on the occult and receive guidance picking numbers of cards etc.

    I can show also some astounding lotto winning numbers associated with 666 and several presidents ...that blow my mind....that I am very skeptical of their origin.

    I personally have not heard Gods voice and definitely believe many do....but what I personally that Christ for is answering my almost daily heart felt prayer seeking enlightenment and discernment from him. I have had some amazing circumstances when I will out of the blue pick up my something I had read many times before, but then notice a key word that screams at me , making that scripture a key missing puzzle piece. That's when I bow my head and thank the Lord for granting my prayer. I try to explain it to others, and after a few failed attempts to get their attention, I just thank God that I understand what he has shown me, but I never once thought they were mocking God because they don't see it. I point at myself for not using the correct words to convey my message.

    I am sure you get frustrated with me for similar reactions to your testimony. Not mockery at all. Mocking God is real close to blasphemy and I just will never go there.

    The biggest issue I have with numbers is man is doing a terrible job of witnessing with them to a non believer. We believers KNOW numbers can be divinely created, non believers can only start being convinced only when forecasted dates start batting a high percentage.

    This is a very long way of saying I believe many numbers are divinely given , but the correct interpretations of these numbers are needing Gods divine wisdom granted to us to correctly know their meaning.

  2. Demonic? Wow,

    Do you believe these demonic forces have the power to decide the day of your birth? 'How about your child(s) birthdate? Is it demonic the planets are aligning on Sept 23 or Divine? Is it demonic the next partial eclipse is 81118 or my dream AND visions...from the devil?

    I coat my posts with Scripture, you do not. I've heard a lot of how much you are doing.

    Please understand, what I post is not me mocking is God mocking them. I did not publish your comment at 1158, you did. Maybe the devil got the ex-cop arrested 311 days after he lied because he just wanted his work to fit in with all of God's.

  3. BTW,
    Thank you for reading, I hope some of it blesses you in time.