Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dams, Dreams and 917

God has laid in on my heart to share some of what He is and has been doing
This is done ultimately, to give honor and glory due His Name
Acts 2:17 said this would happen, GOD said it would happen
and I am one who is saying it is happening, praise God!
2/5/17 God forecasted the two dream dates in this post, along with the #3
11 weeks 3 days, 11 weeks 6 days respectively prior to God giving me these dreams
The fact this was forecast, the fact this happened during
the 49 Days of Omar, the fact these dreams were interpreted 49 and 50 days
from the last dream;
my 50 day jail-stay, complements of the real-life Chief Wiggum,
Chief Lamendola, Questa, NM all point to the Jubilee
Though the judge ordered me release on day 48, it was not until day 50,
49 of these with my arm not attached to my body, when released
again mirroring the 49 Days of Omar and the Jubilee
This dream that happened exactly 411 days from my Jubilee on October 3
It is not just me claiming God is speaking to me through dreams
this intricate design is laid out in front of you
yet some are still too ignorant to see
I pray Christians pray for wisdom and eyes to see
This is too incredible to dismiss as conspiracy or happenstance
If one never entertains a conspiracy theory, not even a moment,
he must then believe he has absolute insight in all manners and nothing exists
that he himself is not aware and everything you know as truth is, in fact, truth
My dreams' numeric footprint may strongly point to these eclipses
-certainly this time through my Jubilee, October 3 is one to watch
818 dream, 333 days before 71717 pointing yet again to this date
821 is 33 days before Revelation 12, September 23, 2017
818 is 3 days removed from 821

821 has a Julian Calendar match at 8/8
818 + 355 days = 8/8
82117 + 355 days = 81118
this partial eclipse addressed here
82117 + 2422 days is 4/8/24, the next full American eclipse,
the second in less than 7 years and it was 1776 that saw the last Coast to Coast
eclipse on American soil
The Hoover Dam was dedicated on 9/3/35
day #611/246
9/335 to 9/17/17 = 81y, 11m 18days or 81118,

It is also interesting to note,
91617 has a Julian of 9/317
From the beginning, I made it known my desire to show His power and beauty
all the Jubilee/50s, the 8's from 818 to 81118, to 8/8 and 88 days
all the 3' is all His intricate wonder, His power!
Acts 4:12
...for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.”
Pray the Body of Christ wakes up
Acts 2:17 is going on around them in real-time and they have no clue
The Bible clearly states we are not to covet however, if this was happening and it
was not happening to me, my Spirit would LONG for this with
a longing I can only explain because of the wonderful grace He has given me
to see such wonder and such care taken from the Creator when He outlined our days

The Vatican Became a Nation on
2/11 1929
30,711 days later Pope Francis was unveiled

Friday, June 23, 2017

June 23rd, 3 Months and Counting...

6/24 update

923 was revealed and prophesied by John in Revelation 2000 years ago,
signaled by the Egyptians 4000 years ago
but the planetary bodies were set in motion before time
As far as prophecy goes, it gets no bigger than this
but many Christians believe this day will just silently pass

When I was young, I had the privilege of having a father as my Pastor
When he spoke of Revelation 12 and the Sign in the heavens
followed by the Dragon, no one believed this day would
come and go with nothing more than a 'mere planetary alignment'
No one thought this day would be just another day,
but yet somehow now we do?

This day is less than 3 months away and I can assure the reader
what John the Prophet saw will in fact, NOT come and go silently


nor is it coming unannounced
3 days prior to 9/23 are the Christ Angles

3 days prior to this will be 9/17

6 years, 6 months and 6 days separate
31111 Fukushima and 91717

The lights will go out on 917

Christ arose from the dead on the 17th day
The Ark rested on the 17th day
71717 may very well prove to be significant and
September 17, 2017, will again show 17 to be Divine

The firstborn from the firstborn of the 3rd generation was born on the 17th
The revelation and vision God gave me
that began on the 17th,
continued on the 18th
it was day 49 and day 50 since the dream
in this vision God showed more destruction
This time He was very specific

The key to this whole thing is the Jubilee
and the number 50

The first day of 5778 is 922,
the 119th Jubilee will come to an end, 11 days later on October 3rd
927 = 1st day, week 611 -my son- born 11106
917 + 5 = 922 + 5 = 927
Daniel 9:27
"And he shall confirm a covenant with the many..."

my son's week 611 is exactly 1158 days (my Gematria)
from 727/14 'Gates of Hades'

3/20/15 solar eclipse to 92717 is 922 days
and 917 days from 922

922 is day 49 years, 11 month and 19 days from the 119th Jubilee
and 922 = day #18,252

My dreams on 4/26 and 4/29 were during the 49 Days of Omar
and their interpretations given 49 and 50 days after
this post, in February forecasted the dates of these dreams
The dream on 429 the only one showing destruction
is 141 days from 917
or 4months and 19 days
-4/19 began the 3 generations
What does this prophecy have that no other prophecies had?
It gets easier to forecast the outcome of a game the later in the game it is
when the Bible says a Jubilee, it means a Jubilee...
50 years, not 51
The end [Tribulation] will commence prior to October 3

911 days after the 3/20/15 solar eclipse
brings you 1 day before 9/17
611 days after this eclipse was 11/20
the day the Celestial Conception took place
in the womb of Virgo

I am not really being prophetic here,
all I am doing is reading the Bible and adding
50 = 50

The dreams God gave, their interpretations,
the visions, the jail-stay, Passover/411, the entirety of this blog;
everything has been pointing us to the 11 day period between
September 22 and October 3, my Jubilee
The key is The Jubilee

September 23 will not be just another day


September 16th is also a date the prudent will watch not just because it is
911 days after the most important solar eclipse in our times
it is day 18, 246 of the 119th

Day 611 is Sept 3, day 246
and the Julian Calendar will show 9/16 as day 246 or 9/3

246 has played a role throughout this journey
and looks to be making yet another statement

The first of these two prophetic dreams was on 4/26
this number was referenced twice prior to this date
once on 422 just 4 days before this dream

Sunday, June 18, 2017

917, His Covenant and How It Points To The Anti-Christ and Year 5778

Updated at end

Here are the first 2 examples of 917 being His Covenant
Genesis 9:17
The 917th verse in the Bible
covenant in Jewish Gematria Equals: 939 (c








Ephesians 1:14


the holy spirit in Jewish Gematria Equals: 939 (t















the holy spirit in English Gematria Equals: 1104 (t
















17, 153, 888, 717 and 917
and how they all tie in together

-the below is taken from
153 is the 17th triangular number
      the 153rd word in the Hebrew Bible is "good" (טוב) which has a gematria value of 17
the first appearance of 153 in 3π begins at position 17 after the decimal point

the sixth appearance of 153 begins at position 888 after the decimal point
888 is the isopsephia value of ιησους ("Jesus")
the "Feynman Point" begins from position 762 in pi
beginning from position 762 within the decimal digits of the
transcendental numbers are the five digits 20868
20 + 868 = 888
the first occurrence of 762 in 3π is followed by the three digits 888
Beginning from position 888 in pi (following 42061) are the four digits
7177 is the 917th prime number
   the 1st occurrence of 917 in pi is followed by 3 digits-153

My sincere hope here is that the Believer will see what fact was just revealed
3 digits, or 3 days after 917 is the revealing of 920, The Christ Angles
 3 days before, three days after;
this is becoming  theme Christians should respect

Beginning from position 153 in pi is another repeating digit, 111
--Yet another number that has followed this blog from its genesis
We began with the first 2 examples of 917,
we will close with the final
Revelation 9:17a
While I don't reveal all of what the dream entailed
I will now say, this dream, on 4/29
began with a pen of very angry horses
92717 is week 611 of my son, separated by two 5's

917 + 5 days = 922 -- Year 5778
922 + 5 days = 927
the beginning of week 611 of the 3rd generation
917 and America
917 is a police code for homicide
Police force we got a 917 in progress
New York City
Does anything else need said?

Revelation 1:5 has always been
my favorite verse in the Bible,
the ending, specifically

Revelation 1:5a

Unto him that loved us,
and washed us from our sins in his own blood,

              "[U]nto Him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood"
in Jewish Gematria Equals: 5055

The song 'Lights'
that this Divine Journey began with
was song 5 of 55 on my IPod
Believe it or not, on my IPod there are 4 Albums
3 of Journey's "Time 3" Discs 1-3
with 18 songs a piece X3
and 1 'extra song' = 55
off, Journey's Greatest Hits,
"Just a Small Town Girl"

"Lovin', Touchin' Squeezin'
is song 8 of 18 on the album

If you do not believe, you may do the math with your own.
This is Acts 2:17 in real-time!

There was much more as the vision continued today,
I am praying for wisdom in what to do with it

Please pray with me, Christians

Update #2
At 344PM, precisely 444 time Central Time
I saw 2 script Hebrew Dalets, visually, one on top the other
A Dalet is the 4th letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet
giving me two 4's or 44

The vision today was exactly 44 minutes long and was

1 minute longer than yesterday's, which again seemed odd

The one number above considered in the section about PI and not
accounted for as the 55, 818, 153, 888, and more is the number

762. asbestos
asbestos: unquenched, unquenchable
Used 4 times
all having to do with unquenchable fire
762. Aramith
Aramith: the language of Aram (Syria)
used 5 times
Isaiah 36:11 HEB: אֶל־ עֲבָדֶ֙יךָ֙ אֲרָמִ֔ית כִּ֥י שֹׁמְעִ֖יםKJV: I pray thee, unto thy servants in the Syrian language; for we understand
It isn't too difficult to be a prophet on this one, with this laid out for you
The prophecy on Syria will soon take place

Saturday, June 17, 2017

9/17 An EMP and My Divine Journey

1 day before 616 my [would be] 17th, I referenced a "Divine journey",
little did I know God would actually make this come alive 1 day after
After my last post, I went and walked my dog
My IPod was playing Journey and
Journey turned into My Divine Journey
God gave me another revelation and I will share it in part:
When God gave me the initial part,
I was actually speaking the words of this vision as if I was
talking to the dog walking with me
Then it continued; this part I can share:
I was listening to Journey's Greatest Hits on my IPod, I was
literally singing "When The Lights Go Out In The City"
Immediately, I had a physical feeling that I cannot explain,
God showed me the meaning of both dreams of mine in the span of a minute
The dreams were on 4/26 and 4/29, separated by 3 days
God has shown many posts that had 3 days included,

The importance of 3 days before and after 7/14 and 9/20 and 4/14
cannot be understated

I spoke of this earlier:
"This Divine journey all began 818/16,
818 is exactly 411 days before my 50th, Jubilee Birthday
818 is 3 days removed from 821 and 333 days from 71717"
The time was 233 and this did not add up as God had been showing me 333
I believe this meant the Central Time Zone
Whether the lights will go out beginning in the Central Time Zone and spread,
or just affect the Central Time Zone,
I believe with all sincerity,
the lights will in fact go out
and this will happen
on or before 917

In all reality, did anyone really believe
God was going to put on a Master Show
in the heavens and have all these
light polluting lights of our cities distracting
from The Revelation 12 Sign?

--A reader did send me a good comment regarding the place where Rev. 12 
and that this Sign will only be visible at dawn and dusk and
will only be seen in Israel and they are correct
This may however, be a clever way The Almighty makes one more statement
 knocking out the lights prior to the show
This is a 3 day event too, maybe to highlight these 3 days
If we look at all the 3 days before and 3 days after
it just points that much more in this direction
With this said, it is still my position, this was undoubtedly a vision from Christ
all my humility, honor and Awe are directly and forever His

616 was my anniversary,
today is 6/17, 6 days past 611
Today is 116 days from my 1st revelation
With what God showed me, I sincerely believe the lights will go out
on or before 9/17 and I draw this conclusion
from the fact God showed me on 6/17, 3 months before 9/17
1 day after my 17th
My post about 3/17 is now more of a reality as 3 months
from 6/17 is in fact 9/17, 3 days before the Christ Angles begin
There was also one more amazing thing I will not go into publically,
tying 17 and 3 together
The vision continued God promised me
something and again showed me the future,
this time, my future
While listening to the next song,
I looked down and the song had 311 left and proceeded with these words
"He's loving, touchin', squeezin' another,
loving, touching, squeezing another,
It's tearing you a part, every, every day,
it's tearing you a part
It's your turn now to cry"
Once again, I opine
this is no threat, this was 'just a day dream'
As Gibson and I continued our walk, God continued the vision with
"Wheel In The Sky"
and while some may baulk at an alien appearance and an actual Wheel in the Sky,
I will tell you this fits in perfectly with my dreams but I can reveal no more
God's humor and wondered continued with the next two songs
"The Party's Over"
and "Don't Stop Believin' "
 How can I be so dogmatic?

There is no other way to explain the dreams, there is no other way

to explain the numbers, there is no other way to explain God showing me the
interpretations of my dreams, there is no way to explain any of it
outside of The Hand of Almighty God

Until today, God had not been specific
Today He was very specific!

This post speaks of 3 days before and 3 days after

We know what happens 3 days after the 20th of September, the Sign of Rev. 12

now, I believe we also know what happens 3 days before

It is also very difficult to look at the above meme and not see the 3,333 days
from the beginning of the blood moons until 111124
We just saw the number 111114, no we see 111124

I am not saying this is when the Tribulation will begin but
I am not saying it won't commence either

33 days before 9/23 is 8/21

Am I a prophet?
There were sure a lot of threes

We will sure see!

My birthday shows 10/3's

I will be prophetic on this one thing for certain,
my blog will not be around on or after 9/17/17

The Divine Journey that began on 818,
411 days from my 50th Jubilee birthday,
turned into Journey 255 days later

The last dream was 4/29
considering the date of the dream with the calculation
one comes up with 50 days from the dream
was the interpretation given

If one believes God does not have a sense of humor...please read this again
The above shows 33 days before Revelation 12 Sign
the eclipse that looks to bring judgment upon America

717, Fukushima and the Anti-Christ

Most of humanity is aware of the 31111 Fukushima event
Was this a birthing rite?

Please keep in mind the 4200 day cycle
God showed months ago

911 was 4201 days from Pope Francis
and now we can tied it to Fukushima
in a greater way as 31111 already had the
2 year 2 day connection to the Pope and obvious move of Satan
as did 911 and the 18 year mark prior to
the birth of Jupiter, the king planet
on 9/9/99, 2 years and 2 days from 91101

These patterns do not make themselves up-- Christians!

What is most interesting however,
is the amount of lives this tragedy took 
March 11, 201105:46Near the east coast of Honshu, Japan
2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami
38.297142.37218,184 dead
2,668 missing
9.0Mw (USGS) Centred 129 km east of Sendai, Honshu, Japan, at a depth of 30 km.
06:1536.281141.1117.9Mw (USGS) Centred 57 km east of Mito, Honshu, Japan, at a depth of 42 km.
06:2538.106144.5537.1Mw (USGS) Centred 322 km east of Sendai, Honshu, Japan, at a depth of 19.7 km.
Day 18,184 of the 119th Jubilee
brings you exactly 1 day prior to 71717
the date many believe the Anti-Christ may surface
4 months 11 days before 31111
would be 10/25/10

October 25, 201014:42Kepulauan Mentawai region, Indonesia
see 2010 Mentawai earthquake and tsunami
-3.484100.114408 dead
303 missing
7.7Mw (USGS) Centred 240 km west of Bengkulu, Sumatra, Indonesia, at a depth of 20.6 km.

If one does the math above
they will find 711 dead and missing from the 7.7 quake
It is not difficult to see 71717 in the numbers above
10/25/10 (1251) + 2525 days = 923
Jacob's Trouble is 2520
this leaves only 5 days unaccounted for
2.5 + 2520 + 2.5 = 2525
                                                                2525. kathistémi
I set down, bring down to a place; I set in order, appoint, make, constitute
used 22 times
                                                                   2525. cham
Short Definition: hot
used 2 times
The numbers, 222/252 were addressed in depth and mean destruction/war
I sincerely hope Christians see the utter Awe above
The above fits perfectly with the 188 day earthquake cycle
5/13 - 188 days = 11616

5/13 + 188 days = 111717
5/13 + 133 days = 923
188 * 13 = 2444
3/11/11 + 2443 days = 111717

While 13 is a number of promise, it is also a number of rebellion
What makes this so important?
If one goes from 923 to 111717, the next 188th day hit,
they will find 55 days
If you take 55 days from 9/23 you will come to 7/30
or exactly 13 days after 71717
31111 + 55 days = 5/511
--you really cannot make this up
This post also has 77 (7.7) and 55; 55 and 5 months, 5 days have been seen throughout
again, "We see in part and know in part" but once He gives the eyes to see,
He will be faithful to show meaning, in His timing
Do You know this Jesus, are you ready to meet Him?
Romans 10:13
With 2525 in mind we have seen the number 252,
525 is also amazing
It tells of the time when The Master Craftsman
will take a stand and release, or free those in bondage 
                                                                     525. amon
amon: an artificer, architect, master workman
used only once in Proverbs 8:30 referring to God 

5975. amad
amad: to take one's stand, stand

525. apallassó
I free (a person) from (anything),
I am released from, am rid of (a person or thing), depart

Let God be True and every man a liar

Thursday, June 15, 2017

411 Points Directly To The Jubilee

This Divine journey all began 818/16,
818 is exactly 411 days before my 50th, Jubilee Birthday
818 is 3 days removed from 821 and 333 days from 71717

The Jubilee was the day all debts were forgiven,
you had your land returned to you,
your sons and daughters returned to you,
411 was the last time we will see Passover in the 119th Jubilee
Likewise, this marks 411 days prior to the 50th Jubilee Year

Genesis 1:1 has a numeric of 411

The beginning AND the end may have been outlined in 411

411 was Passover, the reason for the Jubilee
411 days pointed directly to my Jubilee via 818
My 50 day jail stay compliments of a dirty cop pointed again,
directly to the Jubilee

Things are now becoming much clearer

There were many preachers teaching the Jubilee Year began in 2015
but, I know when I turn 50 and my birth was on the dawn of the 119th Jubilee
and this will not happen until Oct of this year

God has shown us this easily recognizable pattern,
111, 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711, 811 and 911
There may be only a handful of posts that didn't have these numbers
These number are extremely active in today's world and more often
than not, they play a specific role in my life

There are 13 examples from 9 numbers that tell a story of a
Divine Being loving you so much, every second of life was spoken before time

111 is my conception 
111 is my son's birth
311 my ex's conception
411 + 818 = 50th
God outlined my life in 611
818 - 111 = 1 year before 4/29 dream 
818 + 211 = 317
818 - 211 = 1 year before President Trump
and 4 years before my 1/20 notice of divorce
818 + 311 is 1 day removed from 626
818 + 411 = my 50th birthday
818 + 511 = my son's 12th birthday
821 + 611 = 421
spoken of in last post
By far the coolest one I saw
818 + 911 = 219
818 - 911 = 215
two days on each side of my daughter's 217 birthday

Posts ago I posed the question, 'were there really people dumb enough to
mock Noah even after the rain began'

The answer is obvious, these people who are attempting to subjugate
my children and I and keep us apart will remember this warning
on the day they stand before Almighty God
You don't 'win' this thing; Benji, Nikki and I have already won it
God marked the victory of His Sons and daughter in the numeric code of the universe

Those perpetrating this evil are just too ignorant to understand this

Romans 2:5
5 But because of your hard and unrepentant heart,
you are storing up wrath against yourself for the day of wrath,
when God’s righteous judgment will be revealed.

One would be foolish to believe I would be so bold
while lying about communicating with The Creator

No, what I blog is Divine, this is just a small glimpse of His glory
I give Him all the glory and hope those who love Him will do likewise
He has given me dreams, He has given me visions
He has shown me numeric patterns far beyond the
realm of conspiracy, save those of simple minds

This is His Spirit being poured out on all flesh
And I will be so bold to proclaim it from the rooftops without apology

The dates were ascribed by The Almighty

William over at his end time blog posted the timing of this eclipse,
333 days after my dream and it is again, most interesting in my life

August 21, 2017: The day that the solar eclipse crosses America. Totality will be at Paducah, KY starting at 1:22 PM and lasting 2:21

122 is again, the ex-wife's birth and a number of destruction
221 the day of my 1st revelation from God

821 is 88 on the Julian Calendar

2033. hepta
hepta: seven

4137. pléroó
pléroó: to make full, to complete

621 and 821

Libra has a Gematria of 112 and was shown earlier,
this will be from 922 to 1022 17 days past my birthday, destructive 122 again

Patrick Perque posted a comment on the blog above
the biggest point drop in the DOW's history happened on 8/24/15
666 days from 6/21
--I get this as an inclusive date

355 days after 8/21--on 81118 there is a partial eclipse,
notice the time it ends, 3115
We just spoke of 7225
7225 - 3115 = 4110

11/8 — Total Lunar Eclipse
presents in 2022

Remember, a Jubilee is 50 years, not 51;
my 50th is in October

4 "Let God be true and every man a liar."

Those who mocked this blog and its 411 date/number coming and going without
WW3 type fanfare should now see the importance of 411 
and how it fits into God's miraculous plan
I Cor. 13:9
"We see in part and know in part"

The above means, we know only a part of what happened on 411
read your Bible!

I post what He directs me to post and pray He is glorified
I am confident God will, in fact show me, or has shown me the date of destruction
Why am I confident of this?

Amos 3:7
7Surely the Lord GOD does nothing Unless He reveals
His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.

Am I claiming to be the latter?
No, however the numbers may.
I do however, proudly proclaim the former

While I say this with humility, I also do it BOLDLY without apology
If God shows me a number, or a date, and directs me to publically opine,
I will not come back and defend my God or His actions
because it did not fit with what you had envisioned

If there are still those who doubt my resolve to proclaim this AS DIVINE
those would be wise to consider, prior to their next word