Friday, May 12, 2017

626, The Homosexual Anti-Christ and 717

This blog is about the number 611
and Jesus Christ
Romans 1:16


I lost my 2 children because of this belief
The very unethical, Judge Kimberly Wood,
who sent me to her wife, Tammie Obie, for an evaluation
stripped me of my children
 denying me parental rights because I believe the Bible
She loathes It and anyone who has a differing belief about homosexuality
This is an abomination but not what this is about
I Corinthians 6:9

Last post, 702; here, 207

effeminate in Jewish Gematria Equals: 207 (e












ef•fem•i•nate (ĭ-fĕmˈə-nĭt)

Having qualities or characteristics more often associated with women than men.
See Synonyms at female.
Characterized by weakness and excessive refinement.
Don't get mad at the author, this is the dictionary!
The Russian Military and much of the world
mock the US Military because we have homosexuals
serving in the US Armed Forces

Anal or oral intercourse between human beings,
or any sexual relations between a human being and an animal,
the act of which may be punishable as a criminal offense


Again, this is the dictionary


The SCOTUS' decision on June 26
destroying DOMA
The following Strong's show 626 as giving defense in court together

626. apologeomai

Definition: I give a defense, defend myself (especially in a law court):

626. asephah
Short Definition: together
Romans 1:26
This is vile
626 to 717
is 2 years, 21 days
destruction is in the number 122
 Abortion was legalized on 122

The revelation God gave on 221 had destruction all over it
June 26 is day #177,
or as the date reads on other continents
The anti-Christ will be a homosexual
The False Prophet is most likely
Pope Francis
The Third Secret of Fatima was release on

Why would this secret be revealed on gay-day?
Maybe because the Anti-Christ is also gay
4200 + 4201 = 8401
626/94 - 626/17
23 years or 1200 weeks 1 day
1994 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) at Denver Colorado
1994 107 degrees F (41.6 degrees C) at Albuquerque New Mexico
1994 112 degrees F (44.4 degrees C) at El Paso Texas
1994 122 degrees F (50 degrees C) at Laughlin Nevada
1994 126 degrees F (52.2 degrees C) in Death Valley California

If you are a homosexual, you can come to Jesus!
You need not 'stop' ANYTHING before coming to Christ, you come as you are!

If one humbles themselves, seek the face of God and ask
Him for forgiveness, you don't need to change a thing
He will change what He wishes to change
This post was started with the statement of fact,
I am not ashamed to write this
This is the Bible, you believe it or you don't
I pray the Remnant God raises up will not
sugar-coat the Gospel of Jesus
Being Politically agreeable with this crowd
has not turned out so well for the Christian!
remember when the LGBT crowd said they would
never try to indoctrinate our children with homosexuality?
Ha, now they are in positions of power everywhere, in Social Services,
C.P.S., Parental 'Supervisors', JUDGES, judges wives, law clerks...
they have infested and destroyed the family
Those who cannot reproduce have effectively neutered men
God put man in charge,
men will be the ones to give account
Genisis 3:16
NAS: Your desire will be for your husband, And he will rule over you

4910. mashal
mashal: to rule, have dominion, reign
As for the Christians who say, whatever someone does in the privacy...
Romans 1:32
If you put you cursor over have pleasure
it will show you the error of approval of this
The Bible states, there is none who do good
Heaven is not about good or bad, heaven is about covered with the blood or not

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