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1212 and A Divine Warning!

Because of a verbal threat from an Alamosa County Sheriff's Officer
under the direction of Sheriff Robert Jackson,
that they will indeed be following everything I do online and will be,
"Looking for any reason to arrest me"
I feel the need to preface this with a second statement
I am just putting numbers, their Gematria, and concluding
what any prudent person would conclude
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has followed His words 
with proof, continually
This post will be no different
God showed us 1212 the previous post and one 3 months, 3 days ago
McVeigh died day 12,012 at age 33
we will now expand on this wonder and
give a Divine Warning to those who will mock the Words of this King,
He is showing me
He will not be standing for much more mockery from His creation 
1212. délos
délos: clear, evident
Gal 3:11 1 out of 3 uses 

     1. ab
Short Definition: father

  1212. Betsalel
Betsalel: "in the shadow (protection) of El,"

                 The theological position of the Tanakh [O.T.] is that the names Ēl and ’Ĕlōhîm,
when used in the singular to mean the supreme god, refer to Yahweh.
Whether this was a long-standing belief or a relatively new one has long been
the subject of inconclusive scholarly debate about the prehistory of the sources of
the Tanakh and about the prehistory of Israelite religion.
In the P strand, YHWH says in Exodus 6:2–3:
I revealed myself to Abraham, to Isaac,
and to Jacob as Ēl Shaddāi, but was not known
                                        to them by my name, YHVH.                                              

                            I will put the above in terms even a simpleton can understand:

It is clear, the father of Nikki and Benji is under the Divine Protection of the
God of Abraham, Isaac and David

Yes, I am aware this is spelled incorrectly however,

this is the way I put it in initially (and why I didn't win the Spelling 'D')
but the point is made with this and so many others in the same way
annointed priests in English Gematria: 1212 (a


















Here you will see 611 to mean: Anointed Priests
Am I claiming to be Anointed of God?
Absolutely, and the numbers have done the same for 8 months
This is done humbly and with His glory as my goal
A few posts ago, I posed the question:
Were there people dumb enough to mock Noah even after it started raining?
--We will see, my next court date is 626 and one thing I will add:
In one of the dreams God gave, there was indeed a courtroom;
long before this hearing was scheduled
(there was no destruction in this dream however)
from 818 dream to 626/17 there's exactly 311 days separating the two dates

Nothing in this should be deemed threatening on my part in any way, shape or form,
as I stated no such thing
If it's not God talking to me, then none need give it a second thought
311 has been the subject of multiple posts here
It has manifest in both the corporate and my private life
In my life my last court date was February 9th 2017. It has been publically stated, 
this date, that Costilla County Under-Sheriff Andrew Espinoza
lied on the stand at the direction of
Judge Pattie Swift

Exactly 311 days later
this officer was charged and dismissed
(no, he wasn't charged with perjury, this judge doesn't do perjury)
The ex-wife and her new husband who had me jailed using his badge
on 727, 2013
exactly 727 days after
he was fired from the Taos County S.O.
727. harpax
 Definition: rapacious, ravenous; a robber, an extortioner
NAS: but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
Police Chief, [Wiggum] Lamendola, and my ex-wife hacked my FB page and did it 
at exactly at 11:03

Nicolas David Lamendola was rehired in the City of Questa, NM,
by his old corrupt Sheriff who knew this man sold steroids to the Sheriff's Department
on 818/15
It rains on both

Exactly 1 818/16 year later GOD SPOKE TO ME
--guess it rains a little differently

Even these who have mocked God on the record, off the record; they have
told my children I lied to them when I taught them the Bible
Even these, I pray will be saved just as Christ prayed for those who murdered Him

This is NOTHING compared to His Wrath to come!

I don't 'win this in the end'
You see, time does not exist where matter is not present
Once we are no longer physical, but Spiritual beings, time will not/does not exist
The only reason we see this as future is we are bound by time
The above is not fake, all the dates are there
No one need fear my wrath
the One to fear is
The One Who sits on The Thrown

1212 = Bezalel
In Exodus 31:1-6 and chapters 36 to 39, Bezalel (Hebrew: בְּצַלְאֵל‎, also transcribed
as Betzalel and most accurately as Bəṣalʼēl), was the chief artisan of the Tabernacle[1]
and was in charge of building the Ark of the Covenant, assisted by Aholiab. The
section in chapter 31 describes his selection as chief artisan, in the context of Moses'
 vision of how God wanted the tabernacle to be constructed,
and chapters 36 to 39 recount the construction process undertaken by Bezalel,
Aholiab and every gifted artisan and willing worker, in accordance with the vision.
Elsewhere in the Bible the name occurs only in the genealogical lists of
the Book of Chronicles, but according to cuneiform inscriptions a variant form
of the same, "Ẓil-Bêl," was borne by a king of Gaza who was a
contemporary of Hezekiah and Manasseh.
The name "Bezalel" means "in the shadow [protection] of God."
Bezalel is described in the genealogical lists as the son of Uri (Exodus 31:1), the son of
Hur, of the tribe of Judah (I Chronicles 2:18, 19, 20, 50). He was said to be highly gifted
as a workman, showing great skill and originality in engraving precious metals and
stones and in wood-carving. He was also a master-workman, having many apprentices
under him whom he instructed in the arts (Exodus 35:30-35). According to the
narrative in Exodus, he was called and endowed by God to direct the construction of
the tent of meeting and its sacred furniture, and also to prepare the priests' garments
and the oil and incense required for the service.
He was also in charge of the holy oils, incense and priestly vestments.
[2] Caleb was his great-grandfather

Not counting the day of court, it will be 311 days from my 1st dream
This stuff is impossible outside of intervention from a Divine Realm

There is absolutely no logic in saying this blog is coincidental
yet some, ever Christians say it is just that

Luke 18:8
8 "I tell you, He will promptly carry out justice on their behalf.
Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes,
will He find faith on earth?”

This is not just someone saying God is speaking 
I am showing it to you in visual form
The Bible said it would happen, I am showing you exactly this

Don't be deceived

Genesis 3:1
1Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which
the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman,
"Indeed, has God said, 'You shall not eat from any tree of the garden'?"

God said it would happen
It is happening!

Acts 2:17
17‘- In the last days, God says, I will pour out My Spirit on all people;
your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions,
your old men will dream dreams

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