Tuesday, April 4, 2017


It was 317 when God revealed 722 to more than just myself,
it included many within the Body of Christ
The numbers showed 722 - 411 = 311
but God wasn't done with it
He went on to outline this numeric equation wonder for us in Jewish Gematria
As I stated very early on, this is palpable proof of God 
3/24 God showed me the following two words with their difference
equaling 411
phoenix in Jewish Gematria Equals: 472
eleventh in Jewish Gematria Equals: 883
883 - 472 = 411
God also showed the word "Slaughter" that was also used in an earlier post
to show 411 as well
slaughter in Jewish Gematria Equals: 511
figuring 511 subtracted from the Feasts of Tabernacles on 922
922 - 511 = 411
And, He guided me to include Deut. 18:22
and as the post stated, a brother in Christ emailed me regarding
Rev. 18:22 so I investigated this at His dictate
proving yet more wonder intertwined in this 411 mystery

Which technically would be numbers 3 and 4 of the 411s:

1822 - 411 = 1411
1822 - 411 = 1411
This number was Divinely used by God as shown by
the extraordinary 2nd time, finding Jewish Gematria once again
to collectively show
the rest of the equation that began
on 317
--if anyone thinks this is just a matter of Googling a few things,
be my guest to reproduce,
this is impossible apart from the Creator

exartizó in Jewish Gematria Equals: 995
  dummah in Jewish Gematria Equals: 273
995 - 273 = 722
When one does the equation God put in front of us
the difference is
 311 but 4 times
722 - 411 = 311

The period of time between 411 and 722 is also written
3 months, 11 days 
Of the 5 words used they collectively show
Slaughter, like the destroyed,
Phoenix, the eleventh and finish
One may claim the Strong's numbers are less than
proven, and I respect this however,
once one looks at the Jewish Gematria from the words God gave, there is absolutely no way to see this as
anything but the
Hand of God
He is pouring His Spirit our on all flesh,
the days of the last are upon us
God's Word is True
Noting God has not specifically shown me anything regarding
this date but the numbers He has shown don't leave much for interpreting
much differently than the Strong's number show
In my humble opinion
311 is tied to 411 and Passover in more ways than I 
have blogged, and what God has had me share is mind boggling
how many things point to 311 and destruction
and destruction stemming from 311
I will, with God direction, put together an exhaustive list of
what He has had me share
Not saying anything here, other than,
Phoenix is the last place I would be on 411

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