Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Three 17s, the Anti-Christ and 122

Update 3/9 
and 3/9PM                This year started out with the death of a professional friend, an
acquaintance, he was 44 years old and died on 1/17

117/17 was also the 23rd anniversary of the
Northridge, CA. earthquake,

The second 17, 2/17/17 was not just my first-born child's birthday
but her 13th, if one has read the blog they will know the significance of 13
This was the 5th birthday her father has missed, a direct result of the one
who shares a respective birthday and conception of 122/311

Under the Julian calendar, 311/79 is 226, February 26, 1979 – a Sunday.
Read more:

The afore mentioned person was conceived on 31179
From and including: Sunday, March 11, 1979
To, Passover, April 11, 2017

Result: 13,911 days

This is again not about who I am fighting however, I was led
by the Spirit to include this as the man my ex had the affair with was born
In this you see both the 226 and 122

If there's any doubt, his name is
Nicolas, David Lamendola
and here he is with open beer cans in his patrol car

I've been saying he does steroids/HGH for years and now he is
under a doctor's care for hypogonadism
There is substantial evidence to believe he is abusing my son and put him in the ER
(this is included in the video on my profile)

if an abomination were to have been conceived on 311/79
one would find 13,911 days later is Passover 2017
...I hope the reader is beginning to understand,
God will not be mocked!

This brings us to the 3rd 17
March 17th,

"March" in Jewish Gematria is 122
a number we've already seen associated with
destruction and carnage 

From 3/17/17 to 7/17/17 is 122 days

This blogger is not the only one who  believes 7/17/17 will be a day to remember

17X3 = 51  "In the beginning"

Strong's Hebrew: 7225. רֵאשִׁית (reshith) — 51 Occurrences

7225. רֵאשִׁית (reshith)

The following are too interesting to leave:
 House passes $611 billion defense policy bill by wide margin

911 to 3/17/17 = 5666 days, Or 15 years, 6 months, 6 days 

 6 years, 6 days from 31111
 6 months, 6 days from 9/23/17

31717-4201 days= 4yrs, 4 days after 911

There are hard(er) days coming for believers
Distressed Simple Gematria: 122 

3/17 is 3 three seventeens,
"Three seventeens" in English Gematria is 1104
Passover is on 411

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