Monday, March 20, 2017

Already A King

updated 3/21 at end:
For clarification purposes;
I am not claiming to be a prophet, I am showing the numbers that state such. The only other thing I am doing is adding, a Jubilee is 50 years..
The 119th Jubilee will end on Sept 21st, 2017Israel has had possession of the Temple Mount 50 years on 6/7/17; 5/14/2018 will mark 70 years since Israel became a Nation.

Christians--Do you believe the Bible or do you not?

People say not to date set
but the Bible date set some 4000 years ago!

I am officially on the record, I believe the B-I-B-L-E
and the Bible date sets!

The Bible is clear:
this happens
70 years, NOT 71 years
The year 5777

Am I date setting?

and I am willing to take the scorn, or
 whatever mockery comes my way
I wonder if there were
actually people dumb enough to
mock Noah,
even after it started raining?

It has been 50 years since Israel
a Jubilee is
50 years NOT 51 years!

Yes, I am saying
the Bible,
from all my studies,
teaches WW3 is what brings
the Anti-Christ to power
prophecy is clear, this event 
and end times
 will begin prior to the year 5777 ending

The numbers I've shown
and the Bible
show it may happen very soon

Do you believe the Bible, Christians?

Why aren't more of us date setting?
I am proud to get on the biggest
roof I can find and say
I am date setting because the Bible date sets
and I believe the Bible is True!

God gives wise men their wisdom
He is the "Author and finisher of our faith"
as well as "He gives to all a measure of faith" (Heb. 12:2/Rom. 12/3) 

To whom God has chosen to make wise,
and to him, to whom God affords wisdom,
it is they who are kings already

Proverbs 25:2
"It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to investigate a matter."

It isn't kings who investigate, but God choses who will
investigate and makes kings of them
all glorifying His Name

Does anyone believe God will be surprised on Judgment Day to see
who will make up the Pillars in His Temple?
He chose these Pillars from the foundation of the world 

Daniel 2:21

One leaf will not blow, shade will not cover an inch of ground
that the God of Abraham, Isaac and David has not predetermined 

It is God
who removes and establishes kings
He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to men of understanding 

I have been stating, I do not search for this data,
it searches for me
He gives it
at His choosing
and I post this to show some of this glory 

King = 246 English
On March 17th I posted on the number 246
611 - 365 = day 246

We have Divinely seen
226, 236 and now 246

My children and I are kings already
Of the two factors 611 possesses, 13 and 47

                                                             13. Agabos
Definition: Agabus, a Christian prophet
                                         13. obdan
Short Definition: destruction
Strong's 13 collectively show
a Christian prophet of doom
--the 47 was descriptive of where God brought me from
Glory to Whom it is due

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