Friday, March 31, 2017

611, Just Another Number

California Charges Planned Parenthood Video Journalists with 15 Felonies. Planned Parenthood was founded October 16, 1916. 16 days after Norma McCorvey “Jane Roe” died in February was 36666 days after the founding of Planned Parenthood. She died on the 18th (6+6+6) day of the month. McCorvey died 6 weeks and 6 days after the last day of 2016.
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I could do this all day long but can't resist every once-in-a-while

Why was the Military budget for 2017, 611 Billion Dollars?
Why wasn't it 610 or 615? Why 611?

Why didn't Iron Man have 622 Billion, why 611?

May I suggest to you,
maybe I am not the only one who knows of this numbers importance
Thanks to my Creator who put this wonder,
 this mystery into my heart, to search out at His dictate, fully giving Him the glory
It is my contention that 611/911 and variations of this number
are the Master's Himself
The fact that He outlined my life and my children's lives
with this wonder,

It was months ago when I first was shown this but:
the date of my son's birth, the date of my black-belt testing
and even my marriage were on days that contained
the number 611,
61116 for the title of Dan I, and 616/00 and my son 111/06

My son, I wanted him here in December for the 1000 tax reasons
but I was also incredibly excited to have him here
he was due many days before Jan. 11th

My black-belt testing, I had this set up with two other black belts
one from Denver,
I wanted to do this in June but said, "Any weekend but 611" because I
actually always steered away from this number if I could
and I only now know why
And of course, to my dismay, the only weekend
this particular black belt could make it was 61116

My marriage, again I said any date but 616
we knew it would be a Saturday (just like the BB testing)
and I tried all I could to not make it this date but
the only date my sister and her family could make it was, of course,
--Alkaline: you know this is true and it is yet one more thing God is screaming at you
You are headed into eternity without God and your blood will not be on my hands
your children one day will know what you did,
they will one day know the truth
lies and deceit will be your crown and memories of what you did to our children
what will haunt you for eternity!

Do you really believe in free will?

If you do, I respectfully say, you are 100% wrong
Every move you make was dictated before God made you and this entire blog has
shown this time and time again

We do not serve a God who sits in heaven hoping you will receive Him
He dictated who was His and who was not
and His spoken word, His desire; It will be accomplished!

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