Thursday, March 23, 2017

602 and the Great Slaughter

God has unveiled much to me over the last 7 months
 but only once of future events
While I don't share the details of this Revelation 
I can share it was associated with 
the number 602
English derives its word "Apocalypse" from the Greek 602
Apocalypse in Simple Gematria = 113 
                                                               602. apokalupsis
Definition: an unveiling, uncovering, revealing, revelation.
this is used 18 times, the last of which is Rev. 1:1
                                                                     602. anaq
                                               Short Definition: groan, lament, mourn
all 4 uses showed lamentation after a great slaughter

Collectively they show: the lamentation after an Apocalypse

Regulus, the king start of Leo
shares a Jewish Gematria of 602
and will finish out the Crown
of 12 stars
"A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head"
Crown Jewish Gematria = 1073
Crown Simple = 73
75 and 57
411 to 6/7/17 is 57 days
6/7 to the eclipse that divides America
75 days later
33 days later will be the Sign of Revelation 12

As my very loud proclamation, from the last post
showed, the Bible is clear on date-setting
as it did so thousands of years ago
With the above in mind:
God has shown me nothing definite in regards to
411 and Passover 
however, with the amount of numbers God has shown
me that not just point to 411 but clearly show these
numbers pointing to destruction as well
one would be foolish not to take heed
--what is more astounding, I have held back much that I do not post
 as He has guided
but with what I have shared
one would be foolish to ignore
Ezekiel 33 commands the Watchman to blow his horn
when he sees danger
if God indeed made me a Watchman,
I could not be more clear;
God, in my opinion, could not be more clear
I sound my horn as loud as I can
things are changing
With my last post in mind
the Bible is clear
the 50th Jubilee will begin
Sept 22, 2017
This date also marks the Feast of Trumpets
Some people could get upset with me for my last post
and the date-setting I am claiming is Biblical
but how much louder and clearer can God get?
He is using numbers and accenting His numbers with Trumpet blasts
and the Sign in the 'Signs'
Revelation 12, Sept 23, 2017
                                                              Revelation 22:20
"He which testifies these things said, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus"

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