Wednesday, March 15, 2017

26.3, the Christ Angle and Passover

The following 3min video was too good to not promote (
As the above video showed, sunrise 9/20/17
will show the alignment of the Great Pyramids and the heavens as never before
The Star of Al-Nitak is at meridian,
as the concealed moon and sun break the horizon;
Regulus, Leo's King Star is at 26.3
Venus, is also at 26.3 
The following day Jupiter is at the Christ Angle, 26.3
 Bethlehem and all angles of the pyramid are at 26.3
While everything just penned was plagiarized from this well done video
it did miss one important number:
the day this takes place, Sept 20, 2017
is the 263rd day of the year
on Sept. 20th there are 102 days remaining in 2017,
the 102 day of 2017 begins, 411 at sundown, in Israel, 

--wish to guess what the last minute of Israel's 'Civil Twilight' today?
Passover in Jewish Gematria is 1076
and was addressed at length in

Nothing is accidental, nothing is coincidence;
nothing happens without the spoken dictate of the King
There is something about 411 that is specific to our Creator
                                                    263. achavah or achavayah
                                                       Short Definition: explanation
263. amarantos
Definition: unfading, enduring
These two words are used just twice, once each NT/OT:
the Greek and last time used is 1 Pet. 1:4
114 or 411
The Christ Angle, 26.3:
an 'explanation of what is unfading and enduring forever'
Time on earth is short,
Eternity is but forever

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