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When God Speaks: 221, 121

Update 2/23, 2/24, 2/26 at end

The other night, I was in bed and the Holy Spirit spoke and initially I said to myself, I'd look it up the next day. With the continued prompting of God, I did some figuring and was astonished.

Amazed, wowed, baffled...any other word would likely fit in this instance but I learned, when God speaks, one is wise to listen.

What I was shown, I will not elaborate but safe to say, God gave me a glimpse of the future. God is truly good. Had I not gotten up that evening, the significance would've been diminished greatly as it happened on 2/21 a reverse of 12/2. Had I not gotten up at His Voice, this would've been 2/22 and again, the significance of it would have been somewhat lost.

While I am not going to elaborate on the subject of the revelation, I will state, it had connections of: 611, 13, 47, 226, 111, 217, 4242, 1290, my birthday and even the word 'Revelation' in it. If one is familiar with my previous posts, they will understand. It even had 15yrs, 5mo, 15 days associated with it; which was a number I had no idea existed until earlier on 2/21. This was the corrected days between 911/01 and 226/17; the 6011 was calculated in error using 2000 but now, it is the mistake that is actually better than the original. 226 still has the 6011 connection, between it and the year before 911 or 9 years after George H.W. Bush's N.W.O. speech on 911/92. Now we have an additional number no one knew until God revealed it through a mistake; had I not made this mistake, I would've never known this number as significant!

This was something that was spoken long before me.

--it safe to say the NSA could verify the above, sadly.

On another subject, a friend sent me a video and it is a good 3 minutes to watch. It is Tesla's reasoning as to why 3, 6, and 9 are not insignificant. A good bit of advice: if you think what I post is yourself 3 minutes and don't watch it.

121 is a number many have been seeing and talking about.

Strong's 121:

Hebrew is 'Adam'
Greek is 'Guiltless and Innocent'

When one puts the first Adam along with the second Adam, Jesus, we can finally realize innocence. It is because of the second Adam, that the first is redeemed. It is because of the Second Covenant, we are not bound by the First; thus, this second Adam makes me not guilty of the first's sin.

My name in English Gematria is 1158 and it is no coincidence, Strong's Greek 1158: is 'Daniel', my brother who was born 611 days after me.

His middle name is Mark. 121 is Mark in Jewish Gematria.

The significance of 58 was brought to my attention and it is also very interesting and welcome:

God put numerology into everything. There are no coincidences!

I put little faith in actual numerology however, even when I put in the names of my children and I; it does not show different. My daughter has 911, my son 611 and 58 and mine: 6, 6, 9, 9.

We are living in the last of the days of this world and soon will see the coming of the Son of Man!


911/01 to 226/17 is 15 years, 5 months and 15 days.

From the date of Israel's capture of the Temple Mount adding 15, 5 and 15 brings you to 11/22/82, the day Space Shuttle Columbia returned to the Space Center. In 1492 Columbus sailed. It was also, 19th year since President Kennedy's assassination, 140th Anniversary of the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1842 and 121 years from this to Kennedy's assassination.

2/24: 140th Chapter in the Bible is Numbers 23 which is about Balaam and his offering of 7 alters, with 7 rams and 7 bulls; he did this 3 times. It also references in verse 20, "Behold I have received a command to bless [Israel], He has blessed and I cannot reverse it". The 1st verse of Chapter 24 is, "Now when Balaam saw that it please the Lord to bless Israel..."

Please don't miss the 140th Chapter in the Bible is regarding fire to heaven on these 7 alters, which is exactly what Mount St. Helen eruption was.

226 may very well coincide with a blessing/cursing for Israel.

Balaam in Jewish Gematria is 55

My uncle, my dad's twin brother born 4/19/1941, died on the same day I was 15 years, 5 months and 15 days old.

Mount St. Helens became active on March 27, 1980 after 123 years of inactivity; this was 1119 weeks and 5 days from 911.

15 years, 5 months and 15 days before 911 was 6 years to the day of this volcano becoming active.

2/26: very interesting indeed: 311/11 to 226/17 is 5 yrs, 11 mo, 15 days or 311 wks 2 d.

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