Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Want To Guess: Jewish Gematria for Tribulation?

I will give you a hint: It is not 612
Tribulation, is Jewish Gematria is fact, at 611
911. baptó
Short Definition: I dip, dye
911/01 was just a insignificant 911 of 611,
soon, we will see 611 as the world has never seen
since the world was
"For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now--and never to be equaled again."
611 equals tribulation,
it is not happenstance, the last verse in the Bible with
a numeric of 611 is Revelation 6:11
This verse speaks of the martyrs of this time


It is not accidental, the King James Version, the most known Bible was written,

and finished in the year 1611, it was spoken, by God, long before King James

King James Bible in Simple=119

Strong's Greek 611
232 Occurrences
Definition: I answer, reply, take up the conversation
ason: mischief, evil, harm

Out of 4 verses of the New Testament, that have the honor of Strong's 911;
3 of them are the Gospel's account of the Last Supper,
when Jesus dipped bread with His disciples
a picture of the last, in Revelation 19:14
the beautiful picture of Jesus' robe being dipped in blood
The Hebrew use of 911 is seemingly unremarkable
however, when one looks at the Gematria of this man named Bedad,
"[A]nd Hadad the son of Bedad defeated Midian"
it in fact shows striking similarities:
Jewish 16
English 96
Simple 16
One can easily see 666 in the 119th Year
which would be the definition of 911
God is announcing His soon return and Christians aught take heed
He is revealing this to us, at the time of His dictate
This is not accidental!
This Name of Jesus is not recorded 923 times by chance
First four times Jesus, Iesous is used in Mathew 1, 1:1 1:16, 1:18, 1:21
Many of the numbers God has unveiled
Jesus, Joshua and Iesous and Mene, Mene; or the writings on the wall
all share 444 as their English or Jewish Gematria
There is astonishing beauty in His Awe
He took the time to outline history with a numeric code
and as the first post showed, He also took the time to outline my life, all our lives 
with this wonder  
The funny, yet more Awesome fact is:
the things we may think are insignificant, and disregard
may just be too mind blowing for the finite
If your God is not 100X more powerful than what you read in the
blog, and you are not simply in Awe of
the things I have written about for weeks; I wonder, exactly how big is your God?

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