Saturday, February 11, 2017

Signs of Armageddon

We have been shown, time and time again, by the wonderful, merciful Hand of God a handful of numbers important to Him.
It may not be a date, it may be only the numbers, their meanings alone
that point us to them.
If one were to convert the above title, "Signs of Armageddon" into a numeric it would read
226 of 717

717. Harmagedón

Definition: Armageddon

used only 2 times 


We've seen how much God has shown regarding the number 26

and the importance of 2/26

twenty six in Jewish Gematria Equals: 1944

2/26/1944 to 2/26/2017 is: 

73 years or 26,664 days

The number '8' is used 73 times in the Bible
411/17 is day 18,088 of the 119th Jubilee

Destruction in English Gematria shows 888

411 Passover is 44 days from 226
Nuclear in English Gematria 444

717/17 is day 18,185 of the 119th

If one has read the other posts, 73 has shown itself numerous times
In Isaiah 44,6 and 48,12, Yahweh declares: "I am the first and I am the last". In Hebrew, "first" gives 73=20+1+21+6+25 by using the gematria in "n".
--riding the

The first of the Signs: 226, 411
 and 717 are interconnected.

226 is, literally "Signs", Gen 114

717 defines as Armageddon

114/411, Passover show WW3

These numeric wonders point one to

the One and announce His soon return!



Eclipse begins at 12:10 UTC time
the number 121 is of great importance to the Creator
as the many previous posts documented.
 Revelation in Simple Gematria gives 121
For those who read, this may just be God's way of communicating the
three events are close, and it very well may be
the God of the universe showing us the dates.

We shall see! Regardless, if these dates are of significance to the Father
then they are as well to me.

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