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Abba, Father; 121, 611, 58

Update 2/28PM: end of post

This blog is not about me, it is about what God has revealed to me,
this however, often takes the form of my life
After graduation, my life saw the major accomplishment of three things:
Black Belt
Jewish Gematria for Pilot: 239
Jewish Gematria for Paramedic: 139
Jewish Gematria for Black Belt: 163

These 3 accomplishments all pale in comparison to the best performance of my life,
being a father
3962. patér  Strong's Greek for Father has these 3 most interesting numbers; 3, 6, 9
One very clearly sees 121 repeatedly, even the number of times God the Father is used:
1. ab  ab: father, Strong's number 1
5. Abba  again: father
Father in Simple Gematria is 58
both 58 and
are seen in the Jewish numeric code
                                    father in Jewish Gematria Equals: 200 (f






Interesting note: Strong's Hebrew 58 is used only once in Scripture
Judges 11:33
and Strong's Greek 58, used 11 times 
with a very non-coincidental
showing in Scripture from the last post and the final time 58 is used, Acts 17:17
the middle Scripture of the N.T.
the first time it is used is Matthew 11:16
Strong's 58 is seemingly so unremarkable until the Holy Spirit speaks
Above, one sees 58, the 1st time it is used; my son's birthday 111/06
and the last time this wonderful number is used is 2 17's; 2/17
wow, these 'coincidences' are really adding up, huh?
The previous post showed my name in English Gematria
as well as Strong's number for my brother, Daniel to be 1158

I don't opine often to my thoughts however, this is one I gladly offer:
the state, along with the gay judge and her wife; my ex and the steroid addicted cop
who the first cretin 'ordered' my children to live with
all are attempting to keep me from my role as a father however,
if they can read; one clearly sees the God who spoke this world into existence
showing, over and over, I am their father and one day will be repaid by His mercy
and celebrate all the things one would believe were missed here on earth

If I do only one thing with this blog, I wish to show those who read
that God is God, His promises are true
my children and I will someday see
100X's over, in both this life and the next what some may think we missed

The faith of people like Abraham was rewarded only because of the faith they had in God
and I have said this before, it is only God who gives us the faith we have
and I praise only Him for what He has and continually has afforded me!

Rom. 4:3 "Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness."

Do you see how this works? God gives you the faith, you believe because you know it is of God
then, He gets the glory by crediting it to you

What the numeric code uncovers with respect to
 121,  611
and the 3 numbers we started with, should be too interesting to ignore:
                                          abba in Jewish Gematria Equals: 6 (a




                                      abba in English Gematria Equals: 36 (a




                                         abba in Simple Gematria Equals: 6 (a




Proverbs 23:2
If one places their curser over 'Matter' they will find the matching Strong's number
as 1697, a transposing of the year in which I was born
'Dabar' in Gematria shows 121 in its lettering in 2 of the 3 Gematria
columns used on this blog  
If it was God Himself, according to Scripture, that "Concealed"
these 'Matters' then who would it be, other than this God
that reveals them?

I must pose the question and seriously ask for those who would doubt this to opine, in the comments

What are the odds that out of only 5 verses that were used in the previous post,
one of them would just happen to be the last Scripture this 58 was used?

What are the odds that Bedad and Hadad would have 911 and 111 in common and they would be found in the same verse? I mean this whole blog is about the significance of 611, 911, 111...

911 was Bedad, and 111 was Hadad?

How much more insignificant can one get?

But then the Holy Spirit steps in and things that seem to be impossible,
 like finding a significance of Bedad in Scripture,
Not only come to pass, but continually do this!

One could throw the fact of the numeric 15515 and the next post finding the connection to 15551
is mere foolishness to think this happened by chance!

the point has been made, I do however genuinely request feedback from anyone who
says this is coincidental and would covet actual odds

Again, the whole point of this blog is to show God as God,
if I can do this by dissenters, so be it

--if I had money, I would put a monetary challenge out there to anyone who could find significance of Bedad and Hadad in their life
because I truly cannot understand how God did this, I believe it but do not understand
the complete and utter Awe of it; all to give me faith

He did this for other Christians as well and
I pray your eyes are opened to this marvel!

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