Sunday, February 19, 2017

99 Weeks and 1 Day

            update 2/21   
  --I am not date setting however, there are too many things pointing to this date to consider this insignificant with our Creator! If it is significant to Him, it is to me as well.

For those who have followed the blog:
My children were born 99 weeks and 1 day apart
The last significant celestial activity to happen on Passover was 4/4/15
From 4/4/15 to 2/26/17 is exactly 99 weeks and 1 day apart.
  • 59,961,600 seconds
  • 999,360 minutes
  • 16,656 hours
  • 694 days
  • 99 weeks and 1 day
  • 190.14% of a common year (365 days)

    The above was included to show, the significance of this day;
    there are 30 digits above in their respective columns
    out of these 30 digits, there are only: two 5's, two 4's and a 3
    that do not fall into the numeric pattern we've seen that follows, 1, 6, 9

    When one wishes to bring this 611 wonder into the mix,
    we would go 611 days prior to this "Sign" on 226
    and we see the SCOTUS' ruling on gay marriage
     11 weeks 6 days after 4/4 Passover, blood moon

    6011 days from 911 (inc)
    2/21--When doing numbers often, one will make mistakes, this is one I found;
    the 6011 days from 911 was mistakenly in the year 2000 however,
    the date count between is still very much interesting even in the mistake
    9/11/01 to 2/26/17 is 15 years, 5 months 15 days
    even with a mistake, it doesn't make this date any less interesting and prudent men will be watching.
    an additional thought: 226 is 6011 days from the 9 year anniversary of G.H.W. Bush's New World Order speech on 9/11/92,

    4201 days from Katrina
    Passover 2016 was 4/22 but was not accompanied by any other celestial phenomenon
    4/22 to 2/26 is 44 weeks 2 days

    Enjoy life, consider eternity

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