Tuesday, February 14, 2017

611, Still Not Convinced?

I've been told that 'anyone can do this, with search engines and such'...
Yawn, I just don't see what is so bad about believing
God planned every day of our lives, specifically for His glory.
The 611 number above is all over my life, shown at length in first post.
God planned this, all of it,
from before the foundations of the world!
My first accomplishment after graduation was my pilot license
even this: FAA is an easy 611
The factors of 611: 47, 13
13 was detailed much in the first post
but 47 is now clearer:
Ben, my son, in Jewish Gematria = 47
Strong's for "Michael" in Revelation 12:7 (if one moves the 1 over 1 place: 2/17 Nikki)
is 4317, both a 13 and a 47
47 years 11 days
when wife of 13 years divorced me
Strong's Greek 47
2 Occurrences, purity (of faith)
One will notice above, the Greek 47 is used 2X, the Hebrew 47 used 17X
My daughter's birthday is 2/17.
thus, my children are clearly seen here by God in the number God outlined
for their father's life;
they are, were indeed His before the foundations of the world!
Just as 611 pointed to both my children, multiple times,
now, even the factors scream of His power and the mercy He gave us.
Want to still claim God does not speak to His own?
A new name: Revelation 2:17
The ex already received her new name:
The ex's new name in English Gematria is 1116
which is incredibly ironic, she is now connected with our son, Benjamin, 1/11/06
however, she had to legally, forsake her son's name, Gutwein,
before this could happen
and, she was connected to our daughter, by our anniversary,
however, this is no longer true as this day was dissolved by her hand
Including her middle name, her new name English Gematria equals 1290
this name was only possible when she married the man she had the affair with,
just a year or so ago.
This is not accidental but itself, points us to the last days!
                                                                   1290. diaspora

Scatter abroad
Used only 3 times in the Bible
1290 personified
 If one believes names are of no importance, they may wish to re-read the above

Daniel 12:11
11 “And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.
Her conception date of 311 an infamous date of destruction,
 12/2, or 1/22 the day of Roe v. Wade
11/22 the day of JFK's execution, all of this is destruction
and again, the last picture of this, the time of their hack on my FB, was indeed 311,
God is now mocking you by your own hand!
Even the 2 year and 2 day connection with
31313, what many consider the most evil Pope in history is telling:
Francis in English Gematria is 420, we've already seen the 4200
connection with the Anti-Christ and the Popes.
How much louder can God get?
How much clearer a picture does He need paint?
Can you seriously not see the obvious here? Numbers cannot lie!
The person who fits the above days is mocking God and God will not stand
for this, He will avenge His Name!
What evil you have perpetrated on the beautiful kids we have,
this will be year #5 that my daughter misses her father on her 13th,
birthday. You need to fall on your face before the Living God!
What God has documented above and in earlier posts is
fact; this person and their household
are all vessels of wrath prepared for destruction. Rom. 9:22
Even the above verse is not accidental!
God has been incredibly clear, our children are vessels of mercy.
Am I perfect? Hardly, I am however forgiven!
"Blessed is he to whom God does not impute sin"
"For today is the day of Salvation"
If one reads the entirety of the blog, they will see these numbers,
many I spoke of months ago, showing themselves, over and over again.
This is not accidental, nothing is!
Before time began, God spoke, and it was so;
 our days, all for His glory!
Redemption Simple Gematria = 119
Please pray for these who have received God's voice, that they
do indeed fall on their faces.

This posted at 923 AM and was not done purposefully
and, as the last 2 posts directed specifically, once again, it shows Divinity!

...or at the very least, my computer is haunted


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