Friday, February 17, 2017

21717, Birthday and Bedad

Michal Nicole Gutwein, born 13 years ago today; the happiest day of your father's life
All my dreams were fulfilled on 217/04
and all of my hopes on 111/06
I know, if not now, someday you will find your way to this blog
and it will reveal to you the Awesome mercy our God has had on the 3 of us
from before the foundations of the world
Nikki, I pray you have the most incredible birthday
if only for one reason; you, me and Benji
have lost nothing
One day, we will celebrate this 13th milestone 100X's over
in this life and 100X's over in the next,
the finite need not be able to explain this, for it to be so
God's promises are true
Rev 2:17, written as such for you;
you always loved rocks and pretty stones; one day
you will get a White Stone that will make the moon of Saturn look insignificant
I will not say much for the world to see
but I will say this:
if anyone in your house mocks the God we believe in, you have my
permission, as the "Head of our home"
to tell whomever is mocking
to 'shove it up their ass'
Christians need not sit idle when their God is mocked
but, our God also needs no protection from us
Also, there are no homes in which a Christian man
has a 50/50 deal and submits to his wife, period
God made men leaders for a reason
this is exactly why 'women' like Swift/Wood wish to act like men
and attempt to subjugate them, they know not this God
Those who mock: would anyone really get on an airplane with all the passengers
having equal authority, as the pilot, to fly the plane?
Strong's Hebrew 217
6 Occurrences

definition: fire, light
INT: "...and in the fires glorify the LORD"
This would translate as "...and in 217, glorifies the LORD"
Matthew 5:13
KJV: " Ye are the salt  (217) of the earth"
Your name is important, the day you were born is important;
both are extremely important to God
If one says, like-mother-like-daughter...
you reply: like-mother-like-Gutwein
I was chastised in court for my statement, that I wished you
had absolutely nothing in common with your mother,
now, I reaffirm this statement with fervor, adding;
Nikki, pray for your mother

I have backed up this statement with birthdays, conception dates and now,
I do so with Strong's numbers:
122. aigeios
 Definition: of a goat.
122. adom
Definition: red
--think Baphomet
--a red goat? Seriously, Numbers do not lie!
My last post I stated, we, more than likely, will bypass things in Scripture
that seem insignificant, well here's proof:
While looking up the Strong's numbers that coincide with my children
I found something incredible that God had yet to reveal:
Gen 36:35 "...Hadad the son of Bedad, who attacked Midian in the field of Moab..."
Bedad, was one of the 300 bad-asses who conquered Midian with Gideon
and his son, Hadad:
111. Adad
Short Definition: Hadad
If one remembers my last post, it outlined
the fact Bedad was Strong's 911
and now we find my son's birthday/Strong's 111 in the same verse 
Out of the thousands of verses, thousands of numbers used in the Bible
we find two of the most seemingly insignificant of names and their respective
Strong's numbers being one of the most incredible things I've seen yet,
This is the God my children and I serve
Happy Birthday Nikki, I miss you and Benji
I love you both more than the stars in the sky
Smile, rejoice, you were chosen by God as a vessel of mercy for His glory

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