Sunday, February 26, 2017

15515, 15551 and Stauros

God has revealed much to me in the last few months and I praise only His Name
In all of this, He has shown His Omniscience to a servant of His;
His servant, but I am claimed by Him, as His Son
It is not odd to see the numbers God has shown compared to the numeric
outline of the Bible:
Total Books in the Bible: 66
Total Chapters: 1189
Middle of the Bible in Chapters: 117
Shortest Chapter: 117
Longest Chapter Psalm: 119
Total Books in the Old Testament: 39
Total Chapters in O.T.: 929
Total Books in New Testament: 27
Total Chapters in N.T.: 260
The shortest book has only 13 verses, 2 John
the longest: Psalm with 150 chapters
In my study, I learned there is a discrepancy of the actual middle verse(s) of the Bible but
from the site I was on,,
it shows the two middles verses as Psalm 103:1 and 103:2
there is no actual middle verse,
though some have claimed the middle verse to be Psalm 118:8
31,102 is the actual number of verses in the Bible
Therefore the middle verses would show, 15,551 and 15,552 (Psalms 103:1-2.) 
giving us a total of 788,258 words
Psalm 103: 1 "Bless the Lord, Oh my soul, and all that is within me
bless His holy Name"
Is it coincidence that God just revealed 15 years, 5 months and 15 days?
This numeric brings: 15515 and the middle verse of the Bible shows 15551/2 
--I did not know this off-hand before looking it up
The Bible had 1 Divine Author by the hands of 40 men
and has been translated into over 1200 languages
Middle verse of the Old Testament - 2 Chronicles 20;17
Middle verse of the New Testament - Acts 17:17
--of the middle verses, I see not only 3, 17's but also my daughter's birthday,
highlighted above; which is on 217, leaving 317 days left in the year,
giving us 3 17's, just like above
This shows us, again,  a small glimpse of His numeric wonder, in outlining the Bible
I've shown in depth, now for months, the numeric code He put
into my life and the lives of my children
and have even, with His guidance, shown it in today's world and time
Some call it foolishness, some coincidence but
I call it Omniscience on the part of the Master Himself, Jesus Christ
Cross in Jewish Gematria: 313
in English: 444,
Simple: 74
Strong's Cross:
Hebrew 5674: `abar aw-bar'
 Greek 4716. stauros
--remember the factors of 611 are 47, 13, all are represented above
I am no fool and am certain there are those who would laugh at the above comparison, however,
The Jewish Gematria, for the Greek word for Cross, "Stauros", is none other than
Jesus took the symbol of death and glorified the cross, with His blood
Those who call this foolishness, I do sincerely hope you continue to check back frequently, as God shows no signs of letting up, He is continually revealing His wonder
and I am doing my best to post what would bring glory to His Name
"Bless the Lord, all my soul, and all that is within me,
bless His holy Name!"

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