Friday, January 13, 2017

4200 Code III

Jan. 13, 2017           119th Super Jubilee
Began Oct 3, 1967 at Sundown in Israel and went through the 5th

Did anyone out there think the 119th Jubilee wouldn't also coincide with this 4200 day count?

Yes, you can go to any date and find an historical happening however, try doing this with things that changed the world, like 9/11 or the death of a Pope, or the significance of John Elway being inducted into the Hall of Fame exactly 4200 days before winning Super Bowl 50...yeah, you're probably right, this isn't that big of a deal.......sigh.

--I sincerely request: all Christians' prayer for my kids!

--I get very little of this from searching, this is a product of revelation from the One who set these dates and I glorify Him with the product!

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