Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Numbers Don't Lie

God has revealed much to me. What I state below is directly from the Creator, I am not scared nor ashamed to state it publically.

The screenshots were taken on 1/20. 5 years to the day of me being served divorce papers.

If one looks at it they will see 666 and 121, the last time one of the eighteen logged on. If taken at face value, one would find calamity for who or whatever 121 was. My birth number was 121. This pattern did not happen by accident but by the Almighty Hand of God! Even the pattern of 3,3,3,3,3,3; I couldn't have done this if I tried.

In the 2 months I've been blogging, I've never had 18 persons viewing the site at once, the highest total, to date, and since was 10. Also, this was the only activity on this day which when averaging 5X's hits/day, it would be an oddity at best to see this as the only activity.

"Shall there be evil in the city, and the Lord hath not done it?" Amos 3:6b

Before I was married, I prayed and sincerely asked God, "Father, if this marriage is not Your will, [I was totally fine with Him dissolving the relationship]". He did not just allow this to happen, He spoke it before the foundations of the world to glorify His Holy Name. He planned not only our marriage but our divorce as well. 611X2 is 12.2 and the ex's birthday is 12/2, this is not accidental but proves, even in the midst of the storm He is there and responsible for the destruction.
---ha, talk about Calvinism.

Proverbs 16:4 "The Lord hath made all things for Himself, yes, even the wicked for the day of doom"

When a Christian truly grasps this verse as Infinite, even though he cannot explain it, he can forgive those who hate him. They do this at the spoken dictate of the King, from before the foundations of this world!
How can an Holy God do this? Because, He is just, we are sinners and deserve hell but by His grace have been made vessels of mercy. We will see this incredible mercy when we see the vessels of wrath, prepared for destruction receive the wrath of Almighty God.

The Jewish Gematria for Pillars: 280
Jewish Gematria for Temple: 220

Pillar divided by 13: 21.53
Temple divided by 13: 16.92

Here is wisdom:
280/13=21.53: 153 is a well known number of God and it is shown X2
220/13=16.92: the numbers of my life, also X2

--oh, and BTW, those who mocked my last Trump post, explain how we are looking at the exact same number? This was exactly, exactly to the second, transposed on one side, how long his speech was. I told you it was predestined to be 16 minutes and 29 seconds long! This is my God, those who mock need only to fear the wrath from His Hand!

This is God's promise being shown to me. My children and myself, will be Pillars in the Temple of God.

This is the beginning of a massive revival that will be hitting our Country and multiple other countries. The younger generation, like my son and my daughter, will be raised up, like we've never imagined to glorify the precious Name of Jesus.

I have a doctor friend who is a well known cardiologist in a major city. He does not believe in this 'number stuff'. He is very knowledgeable; this however, is wisdom.

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