Saturday, January 28, 2017

Crow and February 26

Before I write the post, I'd like to state for the record, I am not predicting anything on this date! This is only to show the incredible synchronicities and wonders the God of Abraham, Isaac and David is allowing me to see; again, in the end, all for His glory.
With that said, this data presented itself along with numbers, anyone with an I.Q. in double digits will see, there is something going on here that is not void of Divinity!
I have a friend on FB who gave me permission to share this information with the public. He and I have never met but talk on FB every so often. He is very intrigued to say the least with this as well. This is a poster from his band, in 2009. The site has the exact same picture of the crow. My FB friend's poster was years before this site was even a thought. My friend's last name is, not coincidentally, Crow.

So, why the day of February 26th226/17 is going to produce what is called a Ring of Fire Eclipse and it sure appears to look like one above as well.
This date is also 4201 days past Katrina, which, if one is familiar with my multiple posts on this 4200 day phenomenon, it is in no way coincidental! 4201 days is, 11 years, 6 months 1 day. The 119th Jubilee as well as my life are replete with the latter numbers.

911/01 to 226 there are literally 6011 days separating these two dates. If one is familiar with my first post, it goes into great detail on the number 611. This date seems to be a date of note for our Creator!
One logically ,would also include the 27th. The 4200 phenomenon has one extra day in the 23 year period, depending on how many leap years are included.
You must read the first post to know the significance of 611

--2/21/ the above was written in error, the 6011 day count was from 9/11/00 however, this makes the date no less interesting as the correct count is: just as intriguing: 
9/11/01 to 2/26/1715 years, 5 months, 15 days

313/13 Pope to 226/173 years 11 months and 13 days
It is also 1446 days and 206 weeks, 4 days.
26-- If one read the previous posts, they see the significance of this number

The date in the poster above: 4/9/09 to Feb. 26, 2017 is 2880 days or 7 years 10 month 17 days
or 411 weeks 3 days

It is also day #18,044 of the 119th Jubilee--44 days from 411/17 Passover.
44 days=1 month 16 days

226-7/17/17 = 141 days

226/17 to Rev 12 Sign 9/23/17 is 209 days, or 29 weeks 6 days.

-29/92 has also presented often in the last few posts.

226/17 is 9 days from my daughter Nikki's 13th birthday.

This is a significant day numerically, to the Creator. If something happens it will be because He planned for something to manifest on this date; if not, He didn't plan for anything.
The above is not for prediction.

My TKD school is named Jung Boke TKD. The meaning of the name came from my desire to know the Korean equivalent of the word "Overcomer." My Korean born student told me there was no word in Korean for Overcomer or Overcome; the closest he could find was "Conqueror." Thus, Jung Boke TKD was born. Mr. Crow's email has the word conqueror in it- I found out today.

There is NO such thing as coincidence!

This Deity who Spoke the world into existence is speaking to me, a humble servant who praises His Name for all His Wonder! As I state, every day of our lives were outlined specifically and precisely for His gloryWe are but simple, finite beings who play it out  -for His glory. But, when one realizes he is actually loved by this Deity so much that He gave His only Son, Jesus to pay the penalty for my sin and have life everlasting, instead of eternity without Him, in hell; one can finally realize true peace!

My children and I are losing nothing and have lost nothing. His promises are true, the Bible states, we will be returned, 100 fold, in this life and the next.

My praise goes to this One, Jesus and I am not ashamed to state this publically!

February 26th is already marked with a Ring of Fire in the heavens. It is in a few weeks.

                                    To God be the glory


  1. Great research, looks to be a day full of syncs, definitely a day to watch. BTW 2/25 is the day a Russian astronomer is saying a meteor will hit.

  2. Interesting.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    The thing is: most of this isn't from research, He just shows me what to put in, and it is something incredible. Last night, while writing the above post, I was wowed time and time again! Seemed everything I put in was something amazing.

    These are interesting days.