Friday, January 20, 2017

President Trump's 16 min Innaguration Speach

The speech was 16 min and 29 seconds-

The sum of the right side along with the left are 16.11. God is not dead, He never was. He is roaring from the Heavens and has from before the foundations of the world; it is just now, that we can see a small portion of it, as God reveals.  He outlined the 16 minute speech before the world and can now have a small glimpse of the glory He has. Jesus is worthy to be praised!

God bless America, we thank God and pray for President Trump!

The 16th Year of the Millennium was replete with 116/119 as well as Death:   --this is one of the smartest Pastors I've heard!

One of which was yet one more comparison to what He has revealed: King of Thailand dies at age 88, after an 70 year reign, on 10/13/16--even this is a picture of the Trinity; if the pattern would be followed, one would see a repeating of every 3rd letter. This also has many similarities with the numbers God outlined my life in. Numbers cannot defy their Master, they do as He commands; they bring glory to Him, as we are seeing.

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