Friday, November 17, 2017

So Simple 611

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611 is simple,
so simple
Simple = 114+54+78+96+72+30 = 444 (Sumerian)
so Simple = 100+60+100+9+40+70+30+5 = 414 (English)
414 IS 828
If one did not yet read
the 4chan data dump included in
the last post; it is most
informative of reading
you see the incredible mind behind this,
most certainly, penned by,
Donald Trump Jr.
President Trump has a purported IQ of 156,
they are still trying to figure out how high Donald Jr's is
Christians are headed for a world like this, forever

Matthew 20:16 16So the last will be first, and the first will be last.”  

Those who do not believe we are indeed in the end
face only a certain, acute awakening of Biblical per portions
It is all happening exactly as He said it would,
exactly how this blog documented;
exact, perfect precision only taken
by One so beautiful as Who was glorified
beyond any Name
Holy, Holy, Holy,
Lord God Almighty,
Who was
and is
and is to come
Thou art worthy O Lord,
to receive glory
and honor
and power
forever, Amen  
Pay attention to Saudi Arabia,
it is of great significance
Crown Prince Salman =
= 1188 (Sumerian)

The other day God had me open up the Bible
and it found me at the Scripture above
which I now know is, Neh. 6:11
and the Ryrie Study Bible, this is page 727
--I don't even remember what It said
What God has opened up to you via this blog
is, yet once more, nothing outside of His Majesty
Remember the simple things:
Thank you Donald J. Trump Jr. for your bravery
and work in the restoration of Our Republic
Here is part V 11/18/17

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Utter Failure of Truth and 11/7-11/11

President Donald J. Trump
Proclaims November 9, 2017,
as World Freedom Day
World Freedom Day, 2017
– – – – – – –
By the President of the United States of America
A Proclamation
When one looks back at the last year,
I would imagine Donald Trump Jr.
would not be part of your list
as most memorable
With Kushner, The First Lady, The First Daughter,
and President Trump himself taking center stage,
what if all of this is more than just fiction?
What if, it turns out, Donald Trump Jr. just
put together [played part to] the most incredible sting
this world has ever seen?

If the following is false
--this 'fiction' needs to be looked at as
a fictional Masterpiece

This is in 4 parts
--all need read

I highlighted some of what stood out

2nd Post) >>149152383
This is a direct attack
The article is disinfo but made to send a message to POTUS.
You are witnessing history.
God be with us all.
Can you explain 3 US Carrier Strike groups in the Pacific?
This article can
(1st Post) Four carriers & escorts in the pacific?
Why is that relevant?
To prevent other state actors from attempting to harm us during this transition?
Russia / China?
Or conversely all for NK? Or all three.
Think logically about the timing of everything happening.
Note increased military movement.
Note NG deployments starting tomorrow.
Note false flags.
Follow Huma.
Prepare messages of reassurance based on what was dropped
here to spread on different platforms 
The calm before the storm
(7th Post) You can paint the picture based solely on the questions asked.
Be vigilant today and expect a major false flag.

When the first shots are fired later on today, be stoic, be vigilant, be diligent.
Get all the information as fast as you can and start putting it together as quickly as you can.
An most of all save our country by exposing the shadow government.
Godspeed Anons.

May God forever bless
the United States of America!

 anytime anywhere =
= 711 (Satanic)
anytime anywhere =
= 1116 (Sumerian)

The arrests in Saudi Arabia are not fiction

You may just be witnessing history
Truth is always more than our finite minds can fathom
and those who have mocked and shunned need
to put your comments below
When you sit back and say:
God, you have 1 more chance to impress me,
then, I'll believe...
this is exactly why you don't and won't see!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

10, 7 & 3; God's Miraculous Plan, In His Time

                      This blog kind of ended on an unfinished note
Since God had been so specific, and the dates so clear,
I am here as a messenger and a watchman to show you
just how perfectly the "7 more days" came to be
The blog stated on the Day of The Revelation 12 Sign
I received a vision from The Lord that stated, plainly,
"7 more days"
This phrase is used exactly 3 times in the Bible,
all in Leviticus 13: "7 days more"
God had this vision come to fruition in a three
part fulfilment using the numbers, 13/31, 10, 7 & 3
Initially, the '7 more days' was fulfilled with the
shooting in Vegas, God not only showed me the date
but He also had me put the exact amount of casualties
along with 602 (destruction) on my blog
...along with the T-shirt that showed this date
While God fulfilled this initially in the 7 day period,
He used the number 10, as 10 days later
I received another vision, a 12 hour vision in my sleep
that lasted into the conscious state of being awake 
This vision produced the date of 10/13
10/03 God gave me the 2nd vision, on my Jubilee,
 but it wasn't until late on the 4th and then the 5th
that God put this mystery together for me; seven days later
saw 10/13 and something personal that led to the stand I
am taking against the LBGT 'champions' Wood/Swift
This day also purportedly saw the Three Sisters erupt
the three sisters English: 1188 (t


















Of the three volcanoes, the South Sister is the only active one
south sister in Jewish Gematria Equals: 822 (s












Yet another Divine connection to this is the Satanic Gematria for
the South Sister is the exact same as Saturn 558, and the exact
amount of casualties which was announced for 3 days
from the genesis of the Vegas shooting
 How did they know this number right from the get-go?
It was a planned sacrifice to Saturn/Satan,
this is why it was done in front of a giant pyramid

south sister = 54+50+56+55+43+54+44+54+55+40+53 = 558 (Satanic)
This video that shows The Day of Atonement may have
actually been 1 month off, making it yesterday
Also interesting to note: the video's length is 33:33
When I went 3,333 days before 10/13, it showed
8/28/2008 or a numeric of 82828
God then waited 10 days, from the 13th to the 23rd,
it was on this day and into the 24th day God showed
me the third '7 more days' and it was yesterday, 10/31
This third '7 more days' day saw 3 things of importance:
1) President Trump began arrests in the collusion
and treason of our Country, on day 9 months & 11 days
from his taking of office, 1/20/17
If one reads this story, they will see the
words of my vision, 6 times including the title
In my mind, it should've been 7

President Trump
 = 96+108+30+114+54+24+30+84+120+120+108+126+78+96
= 1188 (Sumerian)
2) This brings us to happening #2 on 10/31
...The cop was seen in other clips getting free, firing six shots before he yelling
"get on the ground." He then fired a seventh shot, which appeared
to strike the unidentified man before he stumbled
and fell onto the wall of the 7-Eleven.

fired a seventh shot = 36+54+108+30+24+6+114+30+132+30+84+120+48+114+48+90+120
 = 1188 (Sumerian)

--this should be getting easier for the reader...this is not rocket science!!
"Killing 8 and injuring 11"
--I would've expected 7 dead but I am not running this show!
81118 - 1188 days = 51115 

On a side note:
From what God has shown me so far, there seems
to be yet, another '7 more days'
seven days from today, 11/7
The TV show Manhattan premiered on the same day
the 'gates of hell opened' according to SIRI
727/14---from 727/14 to 11/7 is exactly 1199 days
and with the 1188, this is important
It is also 3 years, 3 months and 11 days
3) The third happening of 10/31 was the nuclear
devastating collapse in North Korea that killed 200
No, North Korea did not attack the US on Atonement Day
but they were in the news along with nuclear on
this Day of Atonement, and 10/01 was certainly on the money
If one views the 2nd video above 33:33
they will see the sun in Leo still for September
making Atonement Day 10/31, a real possibility
From 11/7, which is '7 more days' to 11/10-11
is a 3+ days period I will be watching because This God
has come to know me in ways not fathomed by the finite
I praise Him for His great mercy on my children and I

(Benji and Nikki: God showed me why you both had
chest X-rays, even why Benji had an glad, you
both were chosen before time began by The Creator)
This was on the 16th of Sept, day 911 from the eclipse,
day 888...God does so much more than we ever see!!!

you were chosen before time began =
1818 (Sumerian)
two hundred killed English: 1110 (t



















It doesn't take much to see 11/7-11/11 as
a date(s) to be anticipated!
North Korea will speak and they will speak sooner than later

GVF 1111

November Eleventh = 84+90+132+30+78+12+30+108+30+72+30+132+30+84+120+48
= 1110 (Sumerian)
--above added on 11/9
All dates God gave me were exact!
Those who called me a false prophet, even demonic
will have a chance to explain this before their King, one day
And for the record: very few persons in Colorado
smoke joints anymore; there is like 101 ways to
get high in Colorado
Christians, do you really wish to bad mouth a plant
that contains 7 fingers on almost every leaf?
Genesis 1:29 & 9:3 would show you to be in error
When Jesus performed His first miracle at the wedding
He made more wine for those who were already
"[W]ell drunk", Methuo, in Greek
which means to drink to intoxication
Methusko is the Greek word used in Ephesians 5:18
that most Christians will take out of context
There is a BIG difference between Methuo (intoxication)
to Methusko (a continuous state of intoxication)
So is there a 611 in all this?
Of course there is!

If the one video above is correct, Atonement Day was 10/31
Atonement = 1+200+60+50+5+40+5+50+200 = 611 (English)

false flag attack = 6+1+30+100+5+6+30+1+7+1+200+200+1+3+20
= 611 (English)

A few more numbers on Korea:
punggyeri = 60+200+40+7+7+400+5+80+9
= 808 (Jewish)
Mantapsan = 48+36+49+55+36+51+54+36+49
= 414 (Satanic)
Mantapsan test site = 48+36+49+55+36+51+54+36+49+55+40+54+55+54+44+55+40
Mount Mantap=78+90+126+84+120+78+6+84+120+6+96
= 888(Sumerian)
414 is 828, it appears there is much more to 828 and 611
eight two eight = 40+44+42+43+55+55+58+50+40+44+42+43+55
= 611 (Satanic)

China's Flight 611 was scheduled to land at828UTC time in Hong Kong...

Even those behind the scenes who 'control' things are pointing
to this day and Manhattan, look at the finishing Market numbers
...233772, 25752, 67276, 295969...
these patterns are NOT accidental!!!
The NASDAQ even pointed to 727/Manhattan
with 6's as book ends
Christians need to watch, this was Jesus' last command
before He went to the cross
Luke 12:36
"Watch therefore and pray always, that you may be found
worthy to escape all these things
and stand before the Son of Man"
11/7 through 11/10-11 is a date(s) to watch!
1110 is yet another number that has surfaced
The main number these days seems to be 1188
so here are a few God has shown me:
nuclear detonation NY = 40+200+3+20+5+1+80+4+5+100+50+40+1+100+9+50+40+40+400
= 1188 (Jewish)

Statue of Liberty = 114+120+6+120+126+30+90+36+72+54+12+30+108+120+150
= 1188 (Sumerian)
New Madrid earthquake = 84+30+138+78+6+24+108+54+24+30+6+108+120+48+102+126+6+66+30
= 1188 (Sumerian)
Calm before the storm = 18+6+72+78+12+30+36+90+108+30+120+48+30+114+120+90+108+78
= 1188 (Sumerian)
This statement was made exactly 33 days before 11/7
When the calm before the storm subsides,
one will have no doubt as to the storm!
Just for fun, we see the 828 Satanic Gematria for this phrase
used by President Trump, "Around 7PM"
calm before the storm = 38+36+47+48+37+40+41+50+53+40+55+43+40+54+55+50+53+48
= 828 (Satanic)

On Thursday evening, the White House told the presidential press
corps that Mr. Trump was done with his public schedule for the day.
But around 7 p.m., Mr. Trump summoned reporters who were still
at work to the State Dining Room, where he was throwing a dinner
for military commanders and their spouses.
Gesturing to his guests, he said,
“You guys know what this represents?
Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

around seven PM Mr. [Trump]
= 6+108+90+126+84+24+114+30+132+30+84+96+78+78+108
= 1188 (Sumerian)
--yet one more time we see '7' take the light

 The United Nations = 120+48+30+126+84+54+120+30+24+84+6+120+54+90+84+114
= 1188 (Sumerian)

 Genesis six one one = 42+30+84+30+114+54+114+114+54+144+90+84+30+90+84+30
= 1188 (Sumerian)

11Now the earth was corrupt in the sight of God, and the earth was filled with violence.


All of the above will transpire!
1188. dexios
Definition: on the right hand, right hand, right
If I could go into more of the 4/29 dream,
one would understand the significance of this

81118 - 1188 days = 51115
it is also written 3 years, 3 months giving one the 33

Those who have doubted, yes even cursed me (and God)
need to humble themselves before Almighty God!!

I cannot tell the future but GOD CAN AND IS!!!

Let God be true and every man a liar!

This was just an update, I have nothing from Above
that shows I will keep blogging
but I felt the need to wrap this up as God did

Revelation 1:5
Praise be to Jesus Christ,
The Firstborn over the dead,
The King of all Kings

Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!!



When I went 303 days before 10/31 it is 1/1
From 1/1 subtracting 303 days, you arrive at 3/3,
then 5/5, 7/7, 9/9, 11/11

This is yet another 33 as this kind of pattern is not accidental
nor is the fact that it involves 10/31, the 303rd day of the year
This ties in perfectly to the 33 days from President Trump
and 1188 days is 3 years, 3 months yielding 33

Both 1188 and 33 are intertwined and seem to be pointing to

The post in October posted at 11:07

The numbers you read on this blog are proof the Bible is true

Luke 19:40
40“I tell you, He answered, “if they remain silent, the very stones will cry out.”  
even the rocks will cry out = 30+132+30+84+120+48+30+108+90+18+66+114+138+54+72+72+18+108+150+90+126+120
= 1818 (Sumerian)

In the case of this post and the entire blog
it is the numbers that are crying out

One thing God has shown me
The only real proof of God comes from God

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Occupy Colorado

In Luke, Christians are commanded to occupy
We are also commanded to take dominion of the earth
God has made it clear to me, it is time to stand,
time to stand up to the LBGT who runs Southern Colorado
The 12th District of Colorado and Judge Kim Wood
orders you to be evaluated by her wife
...if you are a man, if you are a lose!
The first thing I will be occupying is my house
Then, a respectful demand to Governor Hickenlooper, 
please involve yourself, see the corruption for yourself;
these judges need to be impeached!

I have personally seen over a dozen persons who have had their entire
family destroyed, one man almost loosing his freedom too
It is time as Americans and time as Christians to stand up
to this evil Spirit in these LBGT persons, the Spirit of Satan!!!

I will publically rebuke, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth:
Judge Pattie Swift
Judge Kimberly Wood
Tammie Obie (wife of judge Wood)
Brittany Lamendola
Nick Lamendola

Rick CorreaDeb(orah) Correa

The home I built, my home,
it is not open for inspection to the government, period!
I have been removed from my children's lives and I am
demanding they be reunited with their father

This is a video from a Christian who is an American
BOTH of these are what I stand upon!!!
please watch