Friday, November 18, 2016

611 the Beginning

The following is tangible, literal proof that God exists! The only question is: do we have eyes to see? We that see, see only because of His great mercy in allowing us eyes that see. "Though seeing, they do not see, though hearing, they do not hear"  Matt 13:13

The Bible states that all men will be held accountable for their sin because God is clearly seen in creation, Rom 5:20. God is all around is, in everything that we see, in the endless galaxies, in the sun itself; He is everywhere but few have eyes to see.

God has revealed Himself to me numerically in a way that can only be explained by Divinity. God, before the foundations of the earth, mapped out every single day of your/my life specifically, for His glory and purpose.
Numbers are not Divine but they bring us to the feet of His Divinity!

"God has numbered my wanderings" Psalm 58:6 and "He has numbered the stars and knows them by name" Psalm 147:4

The last five years of my life is one for the box office, seriously.  However, this blog isn't about what He asked of me but what He in turn gave to me out of the abundance of His mercy. Gold is first purified in the fire; His bride should expect no less.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob spoke directly to me numerically showing me beyond doubt that my children and I (and father, brother...) were chosen in Him before the world. He showed me my children are I are His and will reign with Jesus one day in the sky!

                                                           Now, to the "how":
I do not wish to pontificate in any way, as I am far from perfect but years ago: I was sitting at my computer and I asked this question: "God, if I am Your child, why is my life so perfect?" As I prayed I also asked, "You said if I am Your Son, I would be chastised" and my life was perfect; I saw no chastening. Not but a few months later, everything I had disappeared in 1 day. Everything I loved, worked for, dreamed of and held dear vanished in an instant.
As one could imagine, this was not an endearing time, as of this post I have not seen nor spoken to my 2 children for almost 3 years; they have been home 6 times in 5+ years. This, at the hands of an activist judge and her wife, playing the part of the evaluator the 'court' ordered me to go see. Yes, Judge Kimberly Wood of the 12th District of Colorado, her wife, Ms. Tammie Obie and Judge Pattie Swift are an abomination to both the family and the law!
After years of being estranged from the very children I spent every single day of their lives with, 9 and 7 years, save two nights; one could imagine how much I needed to hear from Him. After it is all said and done, I had to go through the toughest time I could imagine so that He could finally remove enough of 'me' so I could see Him. This truly gives another meaning to, "When you search for Me with all your heart". Lamentations that would seemingly fill the ocean were needed before His voice.
After years of pleading for peace and the undeniable presence of His Spirit, He spoke:

He lovingly gave me a wonderful brother in Christ to guide me.
Through a few of his contacts, he let me know the meaning of just my first child's birth--2/17, showing me that this is literally 2-17's and there are 317 days remaining in the year as well as this being day 48 of the year. This is but he first of multiple triple confirmations the Holy Spirit revealed!
My birthday is October 3rd, 1967. This was the 1st Day of the '67 Super Jubilee Year (Oct 4-5 in Israel). While I thought this was nice, it was far from a thunderous voice from the heavens I had begged for.
But it was then God showed me the significance of my son, Benjamin's birthday: 1/11/06.  Without losing the significance of '111', '4' means "Man child"; '44' can also mean division. Imagine my surprise to find my now ex-wife was born 4,444 days inclusive after me!
My just telling you God spoke would leave us in the coincidental stage, so here we go:

THEN, I had a dream!
The dream was typical dream fashion with the unexplained oddities, one of which was the rain in the background of this dream was so 'irritating' I had to search it out even though the rain had nothing to do with the dream. Long story short: after tunnels and corridors obscuring my ability to see the rain, I saw it. It was raining zip-ties the cops sometimes use. Then, Jesus began the Revelation!
God began showing me the number 611 over and over.
This continued for well over two weeks. Not one day had gone by without Him showing me 611 (as well as the inversions 116/911/119) along with my birthday. If I put them all down, it would be too long a post. 
Then the impossible, I did some calculations with this number 611 that God showed me every day over the course of 2 weeks and counting.
Consider the 10 dates of importance in my life:
B-day 10/03/67 
Salvation 3/20/75 
Car wreck where I almost died 5/14/89  
My engagement 12/28/99 
Marriage 6/16/00 
Daughter's birth 2/17/04 
Son's birth 1/11/06 
Date I found out about the betrayal in my marriage 11/16/12
Date of Final Divorce Decree 10/14/14
Day I received my black belt in TKD 6/11/16
Day I received my Paramedic 9/30/96
Date I was served divorce papers 1/20/13, 9 day past my son's birthday.
The other 6 or so dates I used were:
My Dad's birth 4/19/1941 (4191941) (3 of 5 brothers born on 4/19; the youngest born on 4/4/48, Uncle Doug) (I'll get into the 3's and all the triple confirmations from Him)
Mom's birth 4/28/39
Parent's anniversary 9/23/61
Brother's birthday 6/4/69

and I also used 2 of my niece's birthdays because they were direct numerical anagrams of 611:
11/1/1999 and 6/6/1991
I may have inadvertently left out a day of two but now we will move to the impossible.
When comparing the dates above with #611 God had shown:
My son born 1/11/06, 100 days exactly from my birthday
I was born exactly 6 years and 11 days after my parent's marriage

My son, Benjamin David, was born exactly 6 years and 11 days into the millennium
I have no idea how this was missed until Christmas Day but this is my Christmas present from the Creator! Yes, I miss my children but God loves us enough that "He numbers our wanderings and puts our tears in His bottle", Ps. 56:8. ---12/25/16
My brother was born exactly 611 days after me
611 days after our marriage was exactly 2/17, 2 years before my daughter was born, 48th day of the year.
611 days before our marriage would be Oct 14 exactly 16 years to the day of the Final Orders to dissolve our marriage 10/14/14.
611 days after our marriage was legally over 10/14/14 would've been our 16th Anniversary

Exactly 611 days after I was served divorce papers was 9/23/14, my parent's 53rd anniversary; 3 years exactly before Rev 12 sign 
611 days after my car wreck 1/16/1991 
611 before my accident was 9/11/87

I was born 119 days after Israel took the Temple Mount, on the beginning of the 119th Super Jubilee.
Because of leap year, my niece Sammy was born 6/6/1991, 611 days from my birthday (inc) as well as this being 6/5, the start of the 6 Day War.
611 days before my 1st niece's birthday was 11/16 (day I found out about the affair, betrayal)
My mom was born on the 119th day of the year
Mom's birth to my birth exactly = 10,019 days
My Grandmother to my Mother's birthday is 1119 weeks
My dad born inclusive on the 111th  day (or non-inclusive leap year)
On 9/11 there are 111 days remaining in the year. (we'll get into the 111 soon)

--this is a mistake, but, it is better to leave the original part up and just correct the mistake. The mistake is better than the original. My dad was born on day #109, 110 leap which gives you a numeric of 1911 without the zeros. Zeros do not have a value, in any language.
My Dad's twin brother died on 3/18/83 + 611 = 11/9
My birthday to 9/11/01 inclusive was 33 years, 11 months, 9 days
May 14th, the day Israel became a Nation, +611 = 9/11
May 14th  subtract it is inclusive 1/16
May 14, 1948 to 10/03/67 = 1011 weeks 
While there are more, I'd like to think we are now past the impossible stage. Now we move to the Divine!!
"Holy" and "Holiness of God" is mentioned 611 times in the Bible.
There are 613 Commands from God, only the first 2 are for Him alone; leaving the other 611, for us/mankind.
There are 55 verses in the Bible with a numeric number of 611 (not chapter and book) and the last one in the Bible is not coincidentally Rev 6:11.
Because of my Son's birthday, 111 and another contact, I did some calculations on 111:
9/23, Parent's anniversary +111 = 1/11 son’s birthday (inc) 
9/23 - 111 = my Brother's birthday 
My EMT-P +111=611
Engagement + 111 = Dad's birthday (inc)
Because of the 55 mentions of Holy/Holiness God led me to calculate 5 months and 5 days:
1/11 son’ Benji's birthday + 5m 5d = my anniversary 6/16 
Parent's Anniversary  9/23– 5m 5d = Dad's b-day 4/19 
9/11 + 5m 5d= daughter Nikki's b-day 2/17 (inclusive) 
Mom's bday 4/28– 5m 5d = my bday 10/3
611, or my black belt+5mo, 5 days= 11/16
Brother's birthday 6/4 + 5m 5d = is 11/9 
Car wreck 5/14 + 5m 5d= 10/19
God then led me to add 611+111=722
722 X 8 =5776. This year, 5776 started on Sept 13 (another day of importance in my life)
Sept 13 – 111 = inclusive of Son's birthday 1/11
Sept 13 +121= son's birthday (inc) 
Sept 13 + 5m 5d = Daughter's b-day 2/17 (inc)
611 X 16 = 9776, 9776-4000 = 5776 
722 X 8 =5776-4000=1776
722+611=my brother Danny's birthday (inc)
722-111= 6/7 inclusive of 6/6 Niece Sammy's birthday
EMT-P + 722= 9/23 parent's anniversary
A few nights after I initially wrote this my thought was, after 2 weeks of God revealing this stuff to me, I thought it had stopped and I was a bit disheartened. Then the number 121 was given (by the Holy Spirit) to me and at first I didn't do anything with it. It was just 10 days from 111 and I had exhausted this date but with His persistence, I put in a few dates. Here were the results:
Marriage 6/16 + 121= our divorce decree 10/14 (inc)
My bday -121=Brother's bday 
Son's bday - 121= 9/11 (inc)
Nikki's birth=121= (inc) 6/16 marriage 
Sister’s birthday +121=engagement
I know some are not listed, there may be an error or two but you get the idea. If you have any other explanation than the Creator showing me a small glimpse of His glory, do tell. God's promises are true; they will not come back void! My children and I will be "Given 100 Fold, in this life and the next." How you say? My God does not obey the laws of time! He said it will be returned to us and it will be exactly as He said!
Here is even more, after the fact as He continues His revelation:
From the day of our marriage to the date I forgave my ex and wrote this in my Bible 3/28/13 is exactly 666 weeks 6 days, or 12 years 9 months 12 days. From my salvation, Thursday 3/20/1975 to the day I forgave my wife is exactly 13,888 days and 38 years 8 days. You could not make this stuff up!! I put the dates as best I could so people could do the figuring out themselves as well, this is not fake.
My salvation 3/20/75 is 40 years to the day of the solar eclipse 3/20/15 that was between the 4 blood moons; this is incredibly significant!
He is constantly reminding me of His Divinity:  [Sept] today I took an off-grid, essentially homeless man to his 4X8 house the day of [friend's site] last post; I live at 8400 ft.
God brought me to the end of myself to reveal Himself. I asked for a Thunderous Voice from heaven and I received One.
The night before last, I watched Captain America's Civil War: Iron man had 611 million dollars, they asked for signatures and had 117 countries. When I had a very malicious incident, (in litigation) the numbers shown on paper were 119, 116 and 117. Even Hollywood and this agency is being used by Him; played by the Creator like a violin.
A day or two after I finished the post, God kept speaking and it revealed unending Awe:
Last night, as we ended 5776 on my birthday 10/3, God showed me even more, such incredible Wonder:
When playing around with the 'conception calculator' I found the date of ovulation for a birth on Oct 3rd, 1967 was 1/11/67; 39 years to the date of my son's birth!
It is also most likely (with what God showed me above) that my son was conceived on my father's birthday (ovulation date 4/20) and my brother on 9/11 (ovu 9/12).
Remember, this all started with the triple confirmation from God of 3 of 5 boys born on the exact same date, 4/19 (day 111) and is now confirmed again my a triple confirmation from before the world was made.
Also when thinking about the triple confirmations:
The day of my MVA was 41 years to the day of Israel,
The day I was conceived, 39 years to the date of my son's birth and,
The day I was saved, 40 years to the day of the most significant eclipse in our generation, between 4 blood moons:
The above, if added: 41+39+40= an astounding 120 years; please look this up if you're not familiar with it! 120 years EXACTLY! Again, 3 confirmations!
God just roared from heaven to those reading this; you doubt? Then explain it.
The post continued as God continued and He spoke to me numerically showing me day 17,911 of my life (10/16/16) would be a day to remember! This was the day I received two words, one, my father had a stroke and two, my nephew, Austin began his ministry on this exact day. I did not know my nephew was even in school for this let alone starting. Here is that triple confirmation thing again! 3 generations for His glory.
Last night I (Holy Spirit) wondered, if day 17,911 is a date of importance, certainly day 17,000 would be too so I put the date in and found it was my father's 73rd birthday exactly 911 days past 10/16/16. 911 days after my dad had his birthday, I found he had a stroke! emailed him saying I didn't know what the 73 meant but God showed me this AM, just now that He wasn't just pointing to my dad's 73rd but this was also 9 years to the day my son was conceived!
Day 9,999 my life was exactly 9 years prior to my daughter being born. You can't make this stuff up!! I'm beginning to believe numbers are the Divine language of God!
That Sunday 10/16/16 was 17,911 days from my birth, when I went 17,911 days before my birth it was 919191...8. September 19th, if I could only tell you what happened on this date and the fact that this day was ordered to happen 2 days prior (marking the 48th day of this particular test) but because of the buffoonery of the players, it took 2 days to get this done, marking Sept 19th, or day 50!
Also, when doing the major numbered days: 1000, 2000... the only other remarkable ones (save 17,000 and 9,999) were:
Day 5,000 was 611 (81) 
Day 12,000 my sister's birthday, same sister as above.
Day 6100 was unremarkable but day 16110 was 111111 (11/11/11)
After more study, I found my 'life number' or better stated, my 'Divine number' is 13.
The number 611: its factors are 47 and 13. I have not yet been given the wisdom to know what the 47 represents but God certainly showed me what the 13 means:
 --Ben in Jewish Gematria=47
Both my full Jewish name, Michael Todd Gutwein, as well as my Jewish last name, Gutwein are divisible evenly by 13. The first time Michael is used in the Bible is Numbers 13:13, Michael is used 13 times in the O.T. My marriage lasted 13 years to a woman 13 years younger than I is not coincidence. 'M', or the beginning of my name, is the 13th letter of the alphabet and my name ends in 'N' the 13th letter from the end; the bookends of my name are 'both 13's'. I was born on 10/3 or '13' in the year 67, or again, '13'. My son, named Benjamin was the 13th child of Jacob (Israel).
Proverbs 25:2 "It is the Glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings to search things out."
Christians say they believe the Bible but the Bible Itself states, "In the latter days, young men will dream dreams and old men will see visions"; God is pouring out His spirit on His children and the mockers will give account one day.
One more thing that I ask the body of Christ to pray with me on:
First, my children, the victims of an horrific attack against one who loves the Name of Jesus by an LBGT activist judge named Kimberly Wood and her spouse, Ms. Tammie Obie, LPC. Please pray with me that my children will have peace and that God will reveal Himself to them in the same way He did me! Also, please pray for our reunion, now not likely, save a miracle, until the sky as the judges have made their contempt for me and the Name of Jesus very clear! Had an LBGT couple been stripped of their children by a Christian judge and his wife the entire continent would be in uproar but in today's world Christians are only for sport! This is all a joke to these judges but they not only will give account one day to this same Jesus they mock but in all hilarity, they are being used by the Creator and don't even know it: Judge Pattie Swifts decision on the exact date of 10/14/14, fit exactly into what God predetermined before the foundations of the world!!
Finally, please pray for these judges, corrupt cops, and my ex-wife and her new husband (the cop you can see rolling his patrol car with open beer cans in the back on live-link/Lamendola NM: my fear for my ex-wife is real as what God showed me had absolutely nothing to do with her birthday of 12/2! However, her likely date of conception, 311, is and will always be known for its destruction! 311 is exactly 6 months in both directions from the likely birth of our Lord on 9/11/3BC. From what I see, from what God has shown me, she is an anti-type and prayers are coveted as I desire NO ONE to gain the world but lose their soul!

My ex's birthdate did prove two interesting dates:
Her birthday +121= April Fool's Day
Her birthday +111= 322
The above is pointing out numeric similarities not saying anyone is or is not His, this is not my job but His. However, as I said, I believe prayer is needed.
Revelation 1:5 "And from Jesus Christ, the Faithful Witness, the Firstborn from the dead and the Ruler over the kings of the world, to Him who loved us and washed us from our sin in His own blood"
Thank you Jesus for choosing my children and I in You; thank you for forgiveness in Your blood! "God is not slack concerning His promises..., ...those who have given father, mother, His Name will be repaid 100 fold in this life and the next!"
I just proved the existence of God!!

This is an update, even since I wrote the article:
Our Final Hearing was both Sept 11 and Sept 22, the 22nd would obviously fit in with my parent's anniversary BUT when going from 911 to the other dates, one finds:
911 +611=514
911-722=919 (sept 19th spoken of above)
911+ 5mo and 5 days= Nikki's birthday
911-111= my graduation
911+121=5/14 (Israel)
911+121= my son Benjamin's birthday (inc)
As I found our birth/marriage certificates, I found some incredibly interesting things:
All of the numbers God gave had some kind of reason: 111, my son's birthday and the number of the Trinity; 611, the obvious number not just of importance in my life but in God's mind too as Israel took control of Jerusalem on 611 and the birth of Jesus on 911; 5 months, 5 days were from the 55 verses of numeric 611 in the Bible; the number 722 was the sum of the first two given, 611+111=722 ...the only one left was 121, where and why was this number given?
On the top left of my birth certificate was, "Birth Number 121". God is faithful, He predestined everything before the foundations of the world!
Our Marriage License was signed by the County, 13 days after our marriage at 4:19PM, marriage number 11159. (13, 4/19 and 111 all spoken of above); married in County, Zip Code 81101
My son's birth certificate was issued and Signed by the County on Feb 17th, my daughter's 2nd birthday, exactly. My son as noted above was born in 2006 at 2:06PM with his mother's age listed as 26...again triple confirmation that was marked in time! Did you get that? 2006/206/26 if added, you would take out the 3 zeros and you have 888
My son and daughter were born 99 weeks and 1 day apart, or 6 days from 100 weeks. (99161)
Gutwein in Simple Gematria = 99
By far, the most significant of the recent findings is this:
611X2=1222 or, in my mind 12/2.2 my ex-wife's birthday. While one may think just doubling the number that God has planned for me would show numerous significant days; sadly, it did show only 1, our divorce! I was exactly 12 years and 2 months older than she, making the 12/2.2 very intriguing.
...end update 2.

The story of Benjamin, his brother Joseph and his Father Jacob, has some incredible synchronicities, or, in my mind, facts from the Creator regarding my life, the #13, and my son's life. Notice this story consists of a father, brother and son, the 3 most repeated dates in my revelation.
A very brief summery of the story is: Jacob married Rachel, who brought forth Benjamin, but not before he had to marry her older sister, Leah. Rachel gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin, she died giving birth to Benjamin. Joseph was long thought dead by the time Jacob had Benjamin, his youngest and most beloved son. When famine came, the brothers of Joseph and Benjamin went to get food, ultimately from Joseph who had since been named ruler, second only to the king. After Joseph realized who his brothers were he made them keep one brother, Simeon behind as a collateral to bring Benjamin back with them on their return.
It isn't odd in my mind whatsoever to see the two teams that played Super Bowl 50, both have number 13 on their respective squads. The Broncos' #13 is Trevor Simeon; the Panthers' #13 is Kelvin Benjamin. Benjamin's boundaries, the smallest tribe, were 26X12. 26 miles by 12 miles (see the number 26 above in Benjamin's birth certificate as well as 13 being a factor in 26 and my Divine Number from before the foundations of the earth.
The number 13 is a number of Divine Promise and authority! To those who mock, just remember Ps. 2:4 "He that sits in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision". To those too ignorant to understand this verse, let me help...God is mocking YOU as we speak, you think you have authority but you have absolutely nothing God hasn't given and nothing God can't take in an instant! 

I've not revealed my ex's maiden name but this was too interesting:

"HAMILTON AND THE SONS OF HAM – Officials identify victims in shooting outside Hamilton Mall, days after the Hamilton Broadway scolding of Mike Pence. 2 mall shootings on Black Friday, one in NJ and one in TN. According to our CBS affiliate WDEF, an argument inside Hamilton Place Mall lead to the shooting. Mike Pence was born on 6/7 (Jerusalem) and attended the Broadway play 670 days from its opening night. Alexander Hamilton died 77,440 days before Trump’s nomination. Alexander Hamilton and the electoral college – as MSM clamors to abolish the electoral college it is important to understand its existence is largely to do with Alexander Hamilton – Federalist No. 68. In May we saw Franklin and in June/July we saw Jefferson. HAMPSHIRE College lowers flag to half-staff, then removes it, after Trump’s win sparks campus fury. Remember the tragic bus crash in TN? That was in Hamilton County. NOW THIS – UK photographer David Hamilton dies, aged 83."

From Huffington Post 12/10/16 (another attempt to steal election from Trump):
By now you have probably heard about a group called the Hamilton Electors, which is devoted to just this: convincing the Electoral College to rally behind another Republican. Their initial choice (a good one) was John Kasich; he has, unfortunately, announced that he will not accept the office. Other names have been mooted: Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, John McCain. Might I suggest Jeb Bush?
End update 11/28-12/10

12/1: Wow, what I've now found is more than mind blowing. First, just a couple of other dates that were 'missed' until now;
day 17,777 was exact to my brother's birthday and
day 17,888 of my life is my parent's 55th.
day 11,777 was the midnight of the Millennium, 12/31/99 (I did not exhaust any of these numbered days, I'm certain there is much more to come)

THEN: Day of my life #17,888 is also exactly one year before the Rev. 12 Sign and when you get to Sign of Rev 12 on Sept 23rd 2017, my parent's 56th it is also DAY 49 years, 11 months and 20 days. Does anyone remember what happened in the 49th Year (2016) on 11/20?
It was the Day when Jupiter entered the womb of Virgo, exactly at sundown in Israel!

The Rev 12 Sign is exactly my 49th year, 11th month and 20th day. Our Creator is exact!
...end 12/1


I just went downstairs and had Perry Stone on the TV, in the background. When I sat down, I looked up at the TV and it said June 11 (or 611). ...Actually, it said Jude 11 but I didn't have my glasses on. Regardless, God now had my attention. It went on to speak of the Spirit of Jezebel and ungodly women in control.
Give me a minute...I'm going somewhere with this.
(this was show #NA, on Channel 262 on Dish and was dated 9/3/00...just for S.A.R. I am not lying! it was on from 7-7:30)
He went on to include Scriptures from Isaiah 3:12 "Childish leaders oppress my people, and women rule over them...".(3/12--which is today, again this should get your attention), 1st Kings 16:31 (both a 13 and a 611), 2 Kings 11:1, Numbers 16 and more but the point is, this is exactly the number you just read, written, some, well over a month ago.
The story in his message: about Jezebel and her daughter, Alkaline and how they tried to "Rule in the place where men once ruled" and even slayed 1,000's of the Royal Seed to attempt to keep the thrown theirs but "One was hidden, and brought forth when he was 7 years old". These were made up of boys who did not bow their knee to Baal. These boys were part of the Remnant!
This is SO what my son has been through and my daughter, such an evil spirit of hate and loathing.

But this is exactly what God showed me in the days He numbered "Before the foundations of the world."
My son was 7 years and 9 days when he was taken from his home.They were told, "I lied to them about the Bible" and much more. Their mother openly, for what reason, I'll never know, stated "[She] was fine with [our son] being gay"...HE WAS 7, WHY DID SHE SAY THIS? To placate the court's judge.These are ungodly judges that are acting in the Spirit of Jezebel.

Sorry ladies, but this is just what was on TV and I sincerely pray for them.

I've already shown God is directing this whole thing and the players as well, one day my son will be part of this Remnant! Numbers don't lie, my son and my daughter were born as part of His great plan, on the exact day of His plan!
Now I ask for prayer! Please pray for my kids! God will use them one day to ultimately take back His, it's in the story and the story was full of not just today, 12/3, (not just 9/3), but 111, 611... The fact that from before the world was spoken into being, God knew my son, God knew my daughter; this is why I have hope! They will defeat the Spirit of Jezebel!

While I don't know my kids' heart, as I am not God, I was with both when they voluntarily gave their lives to Christ as sinners, saved  by grace.

Benjamin David and Michal Nicole, your father loves you, He is in control and you were predestined from before the world to see Jesus coming in the clouds! This was the prayer I prayed with them for the 9 and 7 years before they were taken and me refused now to even be able to see them.
end 12/3 update, there will be quite a bit more, I just haven't categorized it all for whomever is interested.

One may ponder why someone 'does this all daylong' but I can assure you, in Christ, this is done very seldom (however, more the last 2 days). When He speaks, I listen., when He gives a is always 'something'. Other than that, I don't search dates all day!

The future update will be so many more monumental things, that as I said, have yet to be categorized but one of them is:
My Father's twin brother died exactly 1 day from week 911 of my life. The dates are above if you wish to check.

The malicious incident spoken of above: 

I can generalize,:

The worst thing one could imagine started on my son, Benji's 393 weeks and 3 days, or 2808 days, or 7yrs 6mo and 16 days and ended on 401 weeks and 1 day.
This same even on my daughter's day count= start day 3448 and end day 3502, or 500 weeks and 2 days. The highlighted days are spoken of above.
Our divorce happened exactly on Nikki's week 556 and on our son Benji's week 456 and 6 days
Our divorce on the 56th respective week in both kids' grandmother died 1 day from her 56th and my parent's 56th is Sept 23, 2017 or the Rev 12 Sign. Revelation 12 Sign is 4 days from week 611 in my son's life.

The gay judge in this case (who ordered me to be evaluated by her wife), her name, Kimberly Wood in Jewish is 1560, her name is evenly divisible by 13 and when divided by 13 it =120

My marriage started on 616 and the worst thing one could do to another ended on 919...does anyone still doubt the God of Abraham, Isaac and David?


Col 1: 27 "To them God willed to make known the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the Hope of glory"

This is dedicated to the three most beautiful women in the world, my Mother, my Grandma Gutwein and lastly, the most beautiful girl on the planet, my daughter Michal Nicole.

My loving Grandma, I'm told, never gave up hope in me. While I was not always the best at following rules, my Grandma always was in my corner and always had faith that I was His!

My beautiful Grandma died exactly one day before her 56th wedding anniversary. She died, 17,716 days from their wedding. If you remember, my parent's 56th anniversary is Sept 23, 2017.

She died exactly on day 27,333 of her life:
She died exactly on Grandpa Gutwein's life day 28,400 ...a difference of exactly 1067 days...I was born on 10/3/67; my sisters were born exactly 1078 days apart, a difference of 11 days.

This day also marked day 18,776 since the birth of my Dad/Uncle

My Uncle Ron's death was separated from his mother's by 3,666 weeks and 1 day

Day 17,333 of my life was my Uncle Ron's 30th year since his death, He died, 1 day before week 911 of my life!

When doing the calculation above I mistakenly did 911 months in the equation. This 'accident' produced the exact 73rd birthday of a very close friend of mine (9/3).
If one remembers, my day 17,000 was my father's 73rd birthday.

Had she lived my son would've been born on her day #32,200 or exactly 4600 weeks.
My daughter would've been born 6 days past her week 4500

My Grandpa's birthday was 12/13/14 and just for fun, my last surgery, a major one, was 11/12/13

My niece Kayla born 11/1/1999 was day number 11,717; a number that is very important in the lives of many whom He has called, many who are experiencing the same revelation.

...Guys, the point of all this is not to show numeric synchronicities but the Omnipotence of the Master! He outlined every single day of your life and mine, for His glory and this PROOVES IT!
end update.


This is more to do with a story put out on the website:

It is interesting to note, his last possibility was one regarding Jan 12-13th. I've seen this number before and because it was 2 from my son's birthday, I did nothing with it because God had been more exact. His birth was also 17,998 days from my birth, so it was left out.

Now, after hearing the reasoning behind the significance of Jan 13th, 2017, I did some calculations on this date with the same number God gave me for my life; also this is numerically the date # with respect to the 119th Jubilee as well, as this was when I was born. So, the fact Jan 13th is day 18,000 and therefore day 17,999 is the 12th; these are both very significant days to our Creator.

With respect to my life numbers:

1/13/17-611= (inc) Israel 5/14
1/13/17-121 Israel exact '17
1/13/17-111= (inc) Sept 23, '16 (this date minus the 'Trinity' is 1yr prior to Rev 12)

Add to this the 13 and with what God showed me above, this date is of certain significance of Christ! This is not to predict anything as He has not shown me that, but what He showed me is obvious and outlined in depth.

--An interesting afterthought:
Doing a bit of research, I come to find that according to many Theologians and Creationist, Creation Day 1 was, on the Gregorian Calendar, Oct 14th.

Are there any out there who still believe this is all coincidental?
My marriage was ended on the Divine Date of the beginning of the world! My God chose me and my children for His glory; this is yet one more item to throw at the doubters! My creation, the creation of the man God wanted to use began on 10/14/14...thanks Swift!
end 12/11

UPDATE 12/23, 24, 2016:
This is an update as well as a watch for the date now  (because of today's UN actions) through January 13th. The numbers God has shown me as well as other sources I believe are part of this also agree, this is a time to watch.

I wish to state, as of today, all I see in our future is judgment! We sat silent as Israel was condemned; the fact the USA sat idle with Its veto is a disgrace to Obama and all his kind, even all America

Watch date set for 411/17: This is my day count 18,088 and is exactly 88 days from 1/13/17

January 13th has been identified, as has Dec 26th; there are too many numerical synchronicities to put them all down, the people in this circle know them and some are listed below. BUT, Jan., 12-13th is the day # 17,999 and 18,000 respective of the Super Jubilee. This makes them significant. Also, the fact that the number God showed me, outlined above, also lead to this being a time of trouble. 

God is in control and the prophets spoke of this time 2000yrs ago. The Bible says this stuff would happen, from Jerusalem to the President! --1 Cor. 15:52 "...[A]t the last Trump..." --President Trump. The Bible also says, "As in the day of Noah Matt. 24:37 "As it was in the days of Noah...": --one can now go to a full scale remake of Noah's ark in Kentucky; for the last 3 years in a row the number one name for a boy is, Noah and there are people out there still so ignorant they can not see what is right in front of their faces, it's sad.

Here are just a few numeric synchronicities in my life that some were just too fun not to share and some will back up the watch date of today (because of the UN) through Jan 13th, especially the 12th, 13th:

Salvation to 1/13=17,101
Me 10,113=611/95 21yrs day BB

From 616 (anniversary) to 717 is 17yrs, 1mo, 1d
Benji to 717 11yrs 6mo, 6d---600week 5 d
Nikki 717=4899days, 699wk, 6d
25,266 from Israel to 717

Too Cool:
9,110= Sept 11/92...9 years to the day (ha, there's that 9 again...this is too cool)
Day 11,666 was Sept 9/11/1999 2 years to the day and another numeric anagram of 911/611... (LOOK AT THAT ANAGRAM--across the board)


14,777 3/18/08 23yrs to date of Uncle's death
8,777 Oct 14/91 23 years to day of divorce...LOOK AT THE SEMETRY!!! ...divorce and death; both 23/777

Day 12,222 was 3/20/01 26yrs to day of salvation

12,666 6/7/02 69 years to the day.

16,888 day I proposed 12/28/13, 14 years to the day. Also, it was exactly 3000 days, or 3yrs, 3 months- from when I forgave my wife 13,888...WOW. --this blows my mind!

Benji 611weeks = REV 12---3 days into  his wk 611.
--A watch for Dec 26th is in order as the numbers I've been shown, this date has both a 121, a 611, it's 6 days from the 1st as well as 19 days from 1/13 and is also a day to watch!

--12/26 or 12X26 is also the exact measurements of the Tribe of Benjamin, 12X26 as spoken of above; it is significant to GOD! --I'm told this may not be the actual dimensions of the Tribe, it was off a Jewish Website; I don't know for sure this is Benjamin's boundaries.

The number 26 plays a significant part in my son's life as shown above
There are 106 days from 12/26 to 7/17/17  or, 39 weeks 1 day; 6 days from 40wks.

12/26 is also 109 days or 3 mo, 19 days from 411 Passover.
12/26 is also in the middle of the 13th week from 919/16 when the Arch went up in N.Y.C..

12/26, =6 days from 1/1 with 19 days between 12/26 and 1/13.

The 26th is my son's day #3999- also 10yr 11mo, 12days-with all the 26's and the Tribe of Benjamin's boundaries 12X26 and all the 26's on his birth cert. --if one looks at all the 26's in my son's life, one will see why 12/26 is a watch date; when adding to it, this is day # 3,999, it all becomes much more interesting!

1/13 is also 113, or 311 backwards, a date already identified with destruction. This date produced a watch for 12/3 and it saw a fairly satanic number of 36 deaths in the "Ghost Ship" fire; its conception could be 311.It is also the first 13, as detailed above.

1/13 to 71717 is the exact middle of the 26th week.
1/13 to 411/17 (Passover) is exactly 88 days and day #18,088 of my life/ 119th Super Jubilee.

Benji's 611weeks = REV 12---3 days into his wk 611.
There were many more but the point has been made!
I won't put more data up on this subject.
We as the Remnant need to pray for others of this Remnant. There has always been mockers; we know how it ends.
Really, I sincerely hope the person who may fit a date above would fall on his/her face before God and show yourself as a sinner! There is little time left, the Bible clearly states, there will be a strong delusion sent to those who've previously heard and rejected the Gospel! This means players, in my situation, as well! You WILL BE JUDGED! You will bow your knee to the Name of Jesus one day!
Blessings to all those who are Chosen in Him. We thank God for His mercy!
Merry Christmas to my two children: Your father loves you more than the stars in the sky but God has shown me you are His, so rejoice. We will spend eternity together!
end update. 12/23,24
George Michael, Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds die within 3 days of each other:
Simple Gematria for Carrie Fisher= 119
Carrie Fisher's daughter, named Billie Lourd, in simple Gematria=119 (#G.A.)
Simple Gematria for pop singer=119
Simple: Star Wars=119 (two of above #jaywill)
Simple: All seeing eye/Order of Death=119
Simple: Star of David/Hebrew Calendar=119 (G.M. died 1 day after Hanukah)

Both Debbie and her daughter were boosted to fame at age 19; Carrie in her debut, but both would gain fame from their most prominent roles at age 19.

Princess begins with the 16th letter and ends with two of the 19th; Leia, the last two letters gives you 91. The beginning, middle and end of this Title would give you the numeric of 16191991
When I entered Princess Leia I accidentally missed the extra 'S' in Princess but the results were very interesting: Jewish=322, English=666, Simple=111.

--the above makes me believe this may be a signal for the date of 1/19, 1 day before Trump's inauguration.

Debbie's first role was in 'June Bride', she died of a stroke, in California: all 3 phrase/words in Simple Gematria=88
She was raised a Nazarene, in Simple Gematria=84 and died at age 84.
Daughter, charity ('The Thalians') have a Simple of 84; Obama in Jewish is 84.
She died in Los Angeles, close to the 33rd Parallel, '33rd' has a Jewish Gematria of 84
She died 23 days before Donald Trump begins his presidency. Dead- English=84.

--note: if anyone believes that numerology or even Gematria is coincidental...Tisha B'Av=911 in Jewish Gematria.
George Michael, born: Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou -a simple Gematria of 333
In the Autumn of 1984, Wham once again was a duo, releasing the Album 'Freedom'
'Wham Freedom' in  Jewish Gematria=1119, English Gematria=666, Simple Gematria=111

The Satanist Illuminati use numbers; the Masons, mathematicians, quantum physics and more as well as the Most High, God of Abraham, Isaac and David, also uses numbers, but people doubt this?
These deaths didn't begin on 12/26 but 1 day before, 4000 days from my son's birth; 1 day after Hanukah, and on Christmas. He may have been conceived on Christmas, His Immaculate Conception. 911 is a mockery of His birth and they will continue as outlined above, a good possibility of the rise of the Anti-Christ, on 71717; may be another mockery of Him.
--those who understand numbers and their meaning can see this.

The date, 1/13 was outlined and spoken of above and is my day #18,000 and is 88 days from 411/17, 411 is my day #18,088 and is 13 weeks 6 days from 7/17/17, spoken of above and by 'endtimesforecaster'.

Christmas is 411 in Jewish Gematria and World War 3=114 (in simple). From Christmas to Passover is 3mo, 17 days, or 3, 17's. Those who know Him, know if this is significant.
---there were less than a handful of numbers God has yet to show me what they mean, 411/114, 717 were two of them and adds that much more to the watch date!

Is there anyone out there that actually is still saying this kind of stuff is coincidental? Please show yourself and then reproduce on any sub-scale you can...even making up the dates!
Months ago, God showed me these numbers and now they are in the headlines, DOW, on legal papers and now in deaths...?

My father's first name in Simple Gematria=119
My father's full name in Simple= my daughter's birthday 217

We are in the last year of the 119th Super Jubilee!!

Donald in Simple=119, let's pray this is not foretelling!
January 16th, 2017 is exactly 616 days from 9/23/18!

Trump's 1st day in office is exactly 611 days from 9/23/18 or 1yr after Rev. 12.
God opens eyes of His servants, at the time of His choosing and we glorify Him when He does!

--I sincerely hope all those reading this give God the glory, this was all planned by Him from the foundations of the world. He set this all in motion and we, that see, still only see in part, of His Wonder and Majesty!
 end update.
For His Glory,
Michael T. Gutwein EMT-P (ret), DAN 1