Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Get Ready! 1188, A Number Of Wonder

This was so 'unbelievable' [Divine], it had to be shared
and it deserved its own post

    Haggai 2

Haggai Two Twenty = 48+6+42+42+6+54+120+138+90+120+138+30+84+120+150 = 1188 (Sumerian)

You really can't make this up, this is Supernatural
From the day Obama was nominated for
the Nobel Peace Prize, 10/09/09
to the day of The Dragon, 12/17/17
8 years
       2 months &
8 days
Peace Prize given on 12/10/09
and the day before, in the same location
on the 24th day of the 9th month
Remember this?
There will be a great shaking today
There is also a blessing on
the 24th day of the 9th month
Steve enlightened me on some of this
and I commend him for his work!
He said his sign came to him on 12/12/12
I did not know this but it is interesting the
calendar on T-Minus 5 post is of this same date
God is speaking to His servants
Few listen, even fewer ask for wisdom

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Ison, 12/17-Destroyer And The Audacity Of Hope

The Simpsons even forecasts
an event along with an EMP
Episode 24 of Season 9
12/12 is 9/24 on
The Jewish Calendar
go to 2:22 and see the clue here
This aired on 5/8/2008 or 585
and then go to :22 of this video

The Simpsons 'Bible Stories', complete with
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

It was released on Easter Sunday
Exactly 18 years, 8 months & 8 days
prior to 12/12

There was a comet in all referenced
Simpsons videos above

At the end of this video, you will see
Oprah, on December 10th, 2007 stating
"Obama is the one"
"He is the "audacity of hope"

the audacity of hope = 55+43+40+36+56+39+36+38+44+55+60+50+41+43+50+51+40 = 777 (Satanic)
She said this to a South Carolina audience
South Carolina = 54+50+56+55+43+38+36+53+50+47+44+49+36 = 611 (Satanic)
Comet Ison made Its appearance on December 10th, 2007
the same day Oprah made this comment
It will be back, Its 3rd pass by earth
on 12/17/17
the day the False Prophet turns 81
and the day of the Red Dragon
Comet Ison is named "Destroyer"
destroyer = 39+40+54+55+53+50+60+40+53 = 444 (Satanic)
From Ison's appearance on Hanukkah
12/10/07 to Its next on 12/17/17
is 3,660 days
   3660. kenema
kenema: accordingly, as follows
All 5 references of this Strong's word are in the Book of Ezra
The Book of Ezra is the Biblical account of King Cyrus [Trump]
decreeing that the Temple should be built
God's Word is playing out right in front of us
It was also the 1st year of King Cyrus,
this means we don't have long to have
Trump announce the 3rd Temple
December 10, 2007
or 12127 shows us 217 & 12
Ison's next approach is 12/17/17
or 1-217-217, this would give us our 3rd 217
Steve also points out in the video
the parallel of Jesus being declared the Son of God
on Hanukkah, and the likely same of the A-C, this Hanukkah
We have seen the destruction on 311 for over a year
this 311 will be no different
red dragon = 90+5+4+4+90+1+7+60+50 = 311 (English)
A Great Red Dragon = 6+42+108+30+6+120+108+30+24+24+108+6+42+90+84 = 828 (Sumerian)
day of the dragon = 24+6+150+90+36+120+48+30+24+108+6+42+90+84 = 858 (Sumerian)

Beware the Day of the Dragon

1404. drakón
Definition: a dragon or huge serpent; met: Satan
Day 333 of President Trump
3,333 days from Obama's election
credit for above goes to Steve Fletcher
My intent was not to continue to blog however, this is way too important
The end of days are not coming,
the end of days are here

Thursday, December 7, 2017

894, Was Strong's Inspired? T-Minus 5

Updated 12/9
The Question is the post
All I am going to do is put a few numbers down
894. apsinthos
apsinthos: wormwood
894. Babel
Short Definition: Babylon
July 1st 2015 was the reemergence of The Star of Bethlehem
from 7/1/15 to 12/11/17 is exactly 894 days
(a gentleman on youtube commented this but I didn't get his name)

December 11th will be Kislev 23and this date has seen much:
The Comet Ison
Sandy Hook

The Miracle of pure olive oil in Israel
U.N. Security Council Resolution against Israel 

Obama's Nobel Peace Prize

Kislev is the 9th month
Dec. 11th is 9/23

God began showing me the date of 12/12 on 11/22This was already a number God had me blog aboutand a number I was familiar with

11/22 was 20 days from 12/12
While I won't go into detail much on the how, this date was
assuredly given over and over by the Spirit
I will say, God took me to page 1212 of my Bible on
December 2nd, it had the words "Ten Days"
Until today, I had no intention of any mention
of this publically however,
the Bible commands the watchman;
I won't go against it
I do hope to first show the power in the number 1188
While there are 16+ Gematria codes, I use only 4
God With Us = 7+60+4+500+9+200+8+300+100 = 1188 (English)
Lord is My Shepherd = 72+90+108+24+54+114+78+150+114+48+30+96+48+30+108+24 = 1188 (Sumerian)
Worthy is the Lamb = 138+90+108+120+48+150+54+114+120+48+30+72+6+78+12 = 1188 (Sumerian)
God is a Jealous God = 7+50+4+9+90+1+600+5+1+20+50+200+90+7+50+4 = 1188 (Jewish)
The Living Christ = 100+8+5+20+9+700+9+40+7+3+8+80+9+90+100 = 1188 (Jewish)
the Resurrection = 120+48+30+108+30+114+126+108+108+30+18+120+54+90+84 = 1188 (Sumerian)
see the Son of Man coming in the clouds = 0+5+5+100+8+5+90+50+40+50+6+30+1+40+3+50+30+9+40+7+9+40+100+8+5+3+20+50+200+4+90 = 1188 (Jewish)
He gave His only Son = 48+30+42+6+132+30+48+54+114+90+84+72+150+114+90+84 = 1188 (Sumerian)
Christ second coming = 18+48+108+54+114+120+114+30+18+90+84+24+18+90+78+54+84+42 = 1188 (Sumerian)
Christ second coming = 38+43+53+44+54+55+54+40+38+50+49+39+38+50+48+44+49+42 = 828 (Satanic)
Master Lord Christ = 78+6+114+120+30+108+72+90+108+24+18+48+108+54+114+120 = 1212 (Sumerian)
Only Begotten Son = 90+84+72+150+12+30+42+90+120+120+30+84+114+90+84 = 1212 (Sumerian)
Only Begotten Son = 50+40+20+400+2+5+7+50+100+100+5+40+90+50+40 = 999 (Jewish)
Only Begotten Son = 50+49+47+60+37+40+42+50+55+55+40+49+54+50+49 = 727 (Satanic)
The Right Hand of God = 200+8+5+90+9+7+8+200+8+1+50+4+60+6+7+60+4 = 727 (English)

Jesus the Son of God = 60+30+114+126+114+120+48+30+114+90+84+90+36+42+90+24 = 1212 (Sumerian) 
Lion of the Tribe Judah = 72+54+90+84+90+36+120+48+30+120+108+54+12+30+60+126+24+6+48 = 1212 (Sumerian)
The Lion of Judah = 120+48+30+72+54+90+84+90+36+60+126+24+6+48 = 888 (Sumerian)
Omnipresent = 90+78+84+54+96+108+30+114+30+84+120 = 888 (Sumerian)
Great I Am = 42+108+30+6+120+54+6+78 = 444 (Sumerian)
Gematria = 42+30+78+6+120+108+54+6 = 444 (Sumerian)
Menorah = 78+30+84+90+108+6+48 = 444 (Sumerian)
The second coming = 100+8+5+90+5+3+50+40+4+3+50+30+9+40+7 = 444 (Jewish)
Abba Father = 36+37+37+36+41+36+55+43+40+53 = 414 (Satanic)
Jehovah = 60+30+48+90+132+6+48 = 414 (Sumerian)
God of Knowledge = 42+90+24+90+36+66+84+90+138+72+30+24+42+30 = 858 (Sumerian):
God of knowledge7+60+4+60+6+20+50+60+500+30+5+4+7+5 = 818 (English)
blood of Jesus = 12+72+90+90+24+90+36+60+30+114+126+114 = 858 (Sumerian)
Jehovah Jesus = 60+30+48+90+132+6+48+60+30+114+126+114 = 858 (Sumerian)
President Trump = 96+108+30+114+54+24+30+84+120+120+108+126+78+96 = 1188 (Sumerian)
Trump used Mother of All Bombs
= 55+53+56+48+51+56+54+40+39+48+50+55+43+40+53+50+41+36+47+47+37+50+48+37+54 =
1188 (Satanic)
Trump used Mother of All Bombs = 100+80+200+30+60+200+90+5+4+30+50+100+8+5+80+50+6+1+20+20+2+50+30+2+90 =
1313 (Jewish)
thirteen thirteen
= 120+48+54+108+120+30+30+84+120+48+54+108+120+30+30+84 =
1188 (Sumerian)
We will take care of it = 138+30+138+54+72+72+120+6+66+30+18+6+108+30+90+36+54+120 = 1188 (Sumerian)
We will take care of it = 58+40+58+44+47+47+55+36+46+40+38+36+53+40+50+41+44+55 = 828 (Satanic)
Calm before the storm = 18+6+72+78+12+30+36+90+108+30+120+48+30+114+120+90+108+78 = 1188 (Sumerian)
Calm before the storm = 38+36+47+48+37+40+41+50+53+40+55+43+40+54+55+50+53+48 = 828 (Satanic)
The first video below speaks of a "Four year delay":
four year delay = 41+50+56+53+60+40+36+53+39+40+47+36+60 = 611 (Satanic)
both are worth watching! 
Now that one has an appreciation, and hopefully respect
for the numbers in this post;
I will 'forecast' no event or lack thereof
the numbers can speak for themselves
These numbers, they appear as such:

nuclear detonation NY =
40+200+3+20+5+1+80+4+5+100+50+40+1+100+9+50+40+40+400 =
1188 (Jewish)
East Coast nuclear detonation =
5+1+90+100+3+50+1+90+100+40+200+3+20+5+1+80+4+5+100+50+40+1+100+9+50+40 =
1188 (Jewish)
December 12th is the 346th day of the year
'day # three four six' = 24+6+150+120+48+108+30+30+36+90+126+108+114+54+144 = 1188 (Sumerian)
earthquake on December twelve =
 40+36+53+55+43+52+56+36+46+40+50+49+39+40+38+40+48+37+40+53+55+58+40+47+57+40 =
1188 (Satanic)

New Madrid earthquake = 84+30+138+78+6+24+108+54+24+30+6+108+120+48+102+126+6+66+30 = 1188 (Sumerian)

twelve twelve twelve twelve = 55+58+40+47+57+40+55+58+40+47+57+40+55+58+40+47+57+40+55+58+40+47+57+40 =
1188 (Satanic)

This was done as 2 12/12s
1212 X 2 = 2424

2424. Iésous
Iésous: Jesus or Joshua, the name of the Messiah, also three other Isr.
2424 used 923 times
12/12 is Jewish Day 9/23
2424. chayyuth
chayyuth: living
Yes, Jesus is alive!
Cascadia earthquake = 18+6+114+18+6+24+54+6+30+6+108+120+48+102+126+6+66+30 = 888 (Sumerian)
nine point six = 50+9+50+5+70+60+9+50+200+100+9+600 = 1212 (English
Pacific Ocean detonation = 96+6+18+54+36+54+18+90+18+30+6+84+24+30+120+90+84+6+120+54+90+84 = 1212 (Sum)
The proof of Gematria = 120+48+30+96+108+90+90+36+90+36+42+30+78+6+120+108+54+6 = 1188 Sumerian)
The proof of Gematria = 55+43+40+51+53+50+50+41+50+41+42+40+48+36+55+53+44+36 = 828 (Satanic)
My hope is to glorify God!
These patterns are not coincidence nor conspiracy
they are an exact precise tool of The Almighty
Hanukah is believed to be the Immaculate Conception
of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
This day, 12/11 and 12/12-12/17 deserve our time

Since I began this blog, my beliefs,
visions and dreams, that God had shown me, have been
challenged publically 4 times
Each and every time,
the person [unknowingly by God's Hand]
used the number 611 in their chastisement of me
The latest one was removed after I pointed out the 611
--a website with AVI611...

When God says He will fight for you,
He will fight for you!

If Journey was indeed satanic, I believe wholeheartedly
public Christians like Steve Perry & Johnathan Cain
would state it as such; God would certainly

The numerics of 12/12/17 would be 1212217

in the above, we have a triple, twice
111, 222 & the number 7
Even Q Anon touched on triple numbers

Wise will see
The wise will ask for wisdom
this is why they see

There is also a planetary triple conjunction/alignment
with Saturn, Venus, the Sun and even moon
from Hanukkah until the moon joins on 12/17

12/9 update

God began to show me 12/12 on 11/22 

9/23 + 80 days = 12/12

11/22 + 20 days = 12/12
12/12 - 40 days = 11/2/17 70 years from the Belfour Declaration
12/12 - 70 days = 10/3, my Jubilee
11/22 + 30 days = 12/22

11/22 + 40 days = 1/1/18

Again, I will not go into the how but

there seems to be a 3, five days period here as well


Day # 6,555 of Millennium
gives us our 3, fives
Hanukkah Eve
Hanukkah Eve = 8+1+50+300+20+20+1+8+5+400+5 = 818 (English)
The Hanukkah war = 200+8+5+8+1+50+300+20+20+1+8+500+1+90 = 1212 (English)
war begins on Hanukkah =
138+6+108+12+30+42+54+84+114+90+84+48+6+84+126+66+66+6+48 = 1212 (Sumerian)
 war of Hanukkah = 138+6+108+90+36+48+6+84+126+66+66+6+48 = 828 (Sumerian)
Day # 6,560

False Prophet Pope Francis b-day (81),
Saturnalia and the Sign of the Dragon
Day # 6,565

End of Hanukkah
Jacobs trouble = 60+6+18+90+12+114+120+108+90+126+12+72+30 = 858 (Sumerian)

and maybe 1/8/18

Here's a great video explaining the Sign of The Dragon
Unknowingly, I titled this 'T-minus 5'

T-minus five = 120+78+54+84+126+114+36+54+132+30 = 828 (Sumerian)
this was on December 7th
12/7/17 + 5 days = 12/12/17 (111, 222, 7)
12/12/17+ 5 days = 12/17/17 (1, 217, 217)
828 - 611 = 217
12/17/17 + 5 days = 12/22/17 (11, 2222, 7)
611 X 2 = 1222
611 / 5 = 122.2
twelve twenty two = 55+58+40+47+57+40+55+58+40+49+55+60+55+58+50 = 777 (Satanic)

This sure look 'divided' to me

God just took me to Acts 7:55

55But Stephen, filled by the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven. He saw God’s glory,
with Jesus standing at the right hand of God, and he said,
  56Look! I see the heavens opened and the
Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!

Why did God take me to Acts 7:55, 56?
Mouse over the words in red, both 1188/828 & 2424 Iesous
then look at the exact phrase in this Bible verse at 1188/828

"Look I see the heavens" "= 72+90+90+66+54+114+30+30+120+48+30+48+30+6+132+30+84+114 = 1188 (Sum)
"Look I see the heavens" = 47+50+50+46+44+54+40+40+55+43+40+43+40+36+57+40+49+54 = 828 (Satanic)

"Iesous" 2424 is the English for Jesus,
look at the beauty and wonder of 1188/444

Iesous the Christ = 54+30+114+90+126+114+120+48+30+18+48+108+54+114+120 = 1188 (Sumerian)
Iesous = 9+5+90+50+200+90 = 444 (Jewish)

Now, let's look at the numerics of 5 and 7
5/5/17 was 7 months and 7 days from 12/12
7/7/17 was five months and 5 days from 12/12

Then take a good look at the numbers 1188 and 1212
what are they separated by?

1212 - 12 = 1200
1188 + 12 = 1200

1200 & 1200 minus the zeros

Someone please claim, without anonymity,
this is anything but The Creator

To God be the glory = 100+50+7+50+4+2+5+100+8+5+7+20+50+80+400 = 888 (Jewish)


Saturday, December 2, 2017

God, Numbers, Scriptures & Visions Vs. Rock Music & Drugs

There seems to be a lot of contempt from one Christian
to another because of their belief concerning alcohol, rock music
and now, with 8 states legalizing pot, we add pot
Wow, Christians will badmouth a plant that has
seven fingers on each leaf?
With the little wisdom God has afforded me in numerics 
I wholeheartedly believe this is done prematurely
and in certain ignorance
7, SEVEN...VII, is hardly a sinister number!


                                            Genesis 1:29

But you Christians ignore this verse and condemn?
Does pot render seed?
If it does [it does], then you have a problem with the Bible
--you see when man thinks he knows more than
the Bible and the One Who created him, this
is quite problematic, are we not finite?
Is the Bible not Inspired, making It Infinite?
Yet we know more about 'our plants' than He Who Created them?
It seems as if it matters not that a person
believes in the Virgin birth of Jesus, the fact He lived
a sinless life and gave Himself as an offering for my ransom
He rose again on the 3rd day and is now seated
at the Right Hand of God,
knowing the only hope is the blood of Jesus--
...BUT, if this person listens to Journey...well, they can't be __
I will state emphatically, it was the God of Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob who spoke to me in a vision
and He did it through the rock band, Journey
Some have said this cannot be from God because it has
rock music in it...tell that to Jonathan Cain!
When you are finished, tell that to Steve Perry!
When you finish reading this prophecy...tell it to God
Both Johnathan Cain and Steve Perry,
the one who wrote and sang the music
God used in His vision, are in fact Christians!
                                                                  Psalm 150:5
--this is a bit challenging with Mozart
Journey however, does is beautifully

ACTS 2:17 
It was Through this vision, that God also gave me the
exact 3 day period it would take to form Maria,
the symbolic mother of the Anti-Christ
This alone should get the attention of believers,
God never had me do a multiple day watch prior
but this was 3 days, exactly 3 months before
this symbolic creation of Maria (Mary) and Jose(ph)
even doing the Fujiwara (1922 Gematria)
this was numerically connected to the 1722 & 1822s
that were posted for months
But the lights didn't go out...
Puerto Rico, US territory,
the entire island was without power
Some areas may take a year to return the power
Christian Rock =
= 888 (Sumerian)
This is all a Biblical perspective
Those who do not agree,
take it up with the One who wrote it
There are a handful of verses, mainly in the Old Testament
that warn of the dangers of Alcohol
However, we must compare Scripture with Scripture

Alcohol =  
= 311 (Satanic)
Jesus drank wine,
this is why He was falsely
accused of being a drunkard
The word used here for drunkard is 3630 'wine drinker'
Matthew 11:19
Luke 7:34
    3630. oinopotés
oinopotés: a wine drinker
When it comes to drinking,
Christians need to understand the Greek
Methuo is the word used for intoxication
This is exactly how the people at the wedding were, intoxicated
Jesus made more wine for those who were already Methuo
3184. methuó
Definition: I am intoxicated with wine, am drunk
-be drunk. From another form of methe; to drink to intoxication,
i.e. Get drunk -- drink well, make (be) drunk(-en).

John 2
People who believe this is grape juice, just aren't reading
The story is clear: the Bridegroom of the feast, once he
tasted the wine wanted to know why they kept the
good wine until the end
He then said, everyone always puts the good wine out first
so when everyone is "well drunk", we then serve the inferior
Ephesians says not to be "'Methusko' with wine"
Methusko is the continued state of Methuo
    3182. methuskó
to intoxicate, make drunk
A prolonged (transitive) form of methuo; to intoxicate -- be drunk(-en).
see GREEK methuo

Since it is only recorded 4 (3) times, here are a small part of each
Luke 12
1 Thessalonians 5
Revelation 17:2
the above verse is Strong's 3182 however, as one can see, the word Methuo is used
We then come to the 3rd use of Methusko
and it is a familiar passage with those who've studied this
It is not wrong to get drunk,
it is wrong to be a drunkard 

Ephesians 5:18
What I wish is Christianity would stop trying to
police other believers and tell them what is right/wrong
What may be wrong for you may be totally within
another believers walk with Christ
Don't you think God has got it all figured out?

Remember, those who do drink/smoke pot, listen to rock...
there are Christians who are not this free
and we are commanded to treat these believers
as the weaker brother, the strong should assist
the weak with Brotherly love
     Acts 11
When eternity is all we see,
we will see how silly these legalistic chains are
Remember the freedom we have in Christ Jesus
While all things are lawful, not all are profitable
and we are commanded to not be brought
under the power of anything

1 Corinthians 6:12
12“Everything is permissible for me,”

Whether you eat, drink, Whatever you do...
do all to the glory of God
Can you listen to rock music and glorify God?
I will tell you I can, and have
and pray it continues
Pray for unity in the Body, not strife!
If you don't want to listen to Journey
DON'T, just don't condemn those who do

To clarify:

Rock 'music' the likes of Marilyn Manson,

are bad enough but when you get to Katy Perry,
the ever-so-nasty 'Lady' Ga(g) Ga(g) and the like;
these are the ones who Christians need to run from

These are the scum our kids are growing up idolizing
and they are straight from the pit of hell

Don't let my love for Journey be taken out of context,
blasphemy of my Jesus is never tolerated in my home!

Groups like Def Leopard need to be burned at once

If you don't believe me, go to "Love Bites"
and play the last part, way to the end where it is fading out
Do this and you will hear, just after, "If you've got love in your
sites, watch-out, love bites"
you will hear, "Jesus of Nazareth, go to hell"

The instant I heard this, I burned every one of their
CDs, even though I really liked their music

Christians, remember
the law was fulfilled with Christ,
it was only there to show us what sin is
and to show us we cannot measure up

Now that we are under the New Covenant, in His blood,
we are no longer under the law

We can do NO GOOD,
the Bible is very clear on this subject
yet we still have Christians trying to be better today
then they were yesterday
--if this hold true and one can be better
today then they were yesterday,
we don't need a Savior, we only need an
eternity of getting better

Me, I need Jesus!

Christ is my righteousness
I can do absolutely none